Meet Nigerian Youths That Have Made Millions through NFTs

Whethere you accept it or not NFTs have come to stay. And several young Nigerians are cashing out as some of them have gone ahead to make some cool millions selling NFTs on various marketplaces. You too can join other young Nigerians in making millions from NFTs. But the first step will have to do […]


Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote was named the richest man in Africa for the first time in history in 2011. And since that 2011 to 2021, he has held unto that position. That is 11 uninterrupted years reign as the king of Africa’s billionaires. If anyone had any doubt as to the validity of that claim it […]

Richest Musicians in Nigeria and Their Net Worth – Forbes 2022

Richest musicians in Nigeria according to Forbes 2022 shortlist. I doubt if there is any surprise about the number one spot. Davido is clearly on top of the A-list artists in Nigeria. He has carved a niche for himself among the leading secular musicians in Nigeria. And the money has expectedly followed. So Davido is […]

CBN Approved Payday Loan Companies to Save You When Broke

7 CBN approved payday loan companies to save you when broke or during emergency Have you heard the popular saying that in Nigeria, the ‘take home’ of most salary earners is actually not enough to take them home? Sounds like a joke but it is actually real. For some salary earners their salary barely take […]

How to Check if a Company is Registered in Nigeria

HOW TO CHECK IF A COMPANY IS REGISTERED IN NIGERIA The question of how to know if a company is registered in Nigeria is one often asked by intending individuals or corporate bodies looking to do business or venture into an agreement with another company claiming legality. Of course you know that in the eyes […]

10 Ways to Buy Rental Property with No Money

How to buy rental property with no money in your pocket. Before tech became the order of the day we know that the richest men in the world were those into real estate. Warren Buffet easily comes to mind. But even today few industry makes more billionaire than investment in real estate. In fact, billionaire […]

Loan Sharks: What They are and Why They are Illegal

Loan Sharks and why they are illegal  What are Loan Sharks? Loan sharks are individuals or institutions who offers loans at extremely high interest rates, has strict terms of collection upon failure, and generally operates outside the approved lending laws. Because loan sharks operating illegally cannot reasonably expect to be able to use the legal system to collect such […]

14 Day Loan Contingency: How it Works and the Advantages

14 day loan contingency and how it works 14 day loan contingency is a popular procedure in mortgage and real estate transactions that most people don’t know about. This is probably because it isn’t the type of procedure that allows for much time to enjoy entertaining thoughts. In order to understand the topic of 14 […]

Best Loan Apps for Instant Loans in Nigeria (2022)

Best loan apps for instant loans in Nigeria Whether during financial difficulty or emergencies, many individuals today seek loans for personal use and business purposes. Sometimes the need might be too urgent and too pressing that there is need for immediate response. And in such cases going through the hassles to process bank loans will […]

List of Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria and Why You Should Avoid Them

List of fake loan apps in Nigeria It is not every notification you get on your phone about quick loans that you should take serious. Some of them are fake and scammers in disguise. If you patronise any of them you might be doing so at your risk. And also you must know that each […]

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