Medium Term Rentals in Real Estate – Detailed Guide 2024

Medium term rentals When it comes to rentals in real estate it is broadly divided into short and long term rentals. However there are some other agreements that doesn’t have to fall into these two categories. But before we proceed into explaining the concepts of medium term rentals, let me first refresh your mind with […]

What is an Injunction in Real Estate: A Perfect Guide 2024

What is an injunction in real estate? Understanding Injunctions in Real Estate: Preserving Property Rights What is an Injunction in Real Estate – Introduction When you talk about real estate, one of the things that is paramount is property right. However, disputes can arise that jeopardize the integrity of a property. In order to safeguard […]

What is COE in Real Estate – 2024 Perfect Guide for Starters

What is COE in real estate? Are you a newcomer in real estate?Have you heard about the term COE? Do you have an idea what it means? Mayne you have and maybe you have not. Whichever way, in real estate, “COE” typically stands for “Close of Escrow.” It refers to the point in a real […]

What is Avulsion in Real Estate with 6 Perfect Examples

What is Avulsion in Real Estate – Introduction In real estate, avulsion refers to the sudden and significant loss or addition of land due to natural forces. This can occur as a result of a river changing its course or a sudden erosion event. Another example is when a major hurricane cause chunks of land […]

Meet Sophia Ogbonna – The Youngest Employee in Nigeria

Introduction Have you heard about the kid wonder by name Sophia Ogbonna, also known as Sophia D Kidpreneur? Chances are that you have as she has literary set the internet on fire in the last few weeks. But if you have not, this post is meant to share with you about Sophia and everything you […]

What Does MSA Stand for in Real Estate – A Comprehensive Guide 2023

what does msa stand for in real estate What Does MSA Stand for in Real Estate? – Introduction In real estate, MSA stands for Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is a geographical region that consists of a densely populated city and its surrounding suburban areas. In America it is defined by the U.S. Office of Management […]

Can Real Estate Agents Have Tattoos? 4 Major Considerations

Can real estate agents have tattoos? Introduction – Can Real Estate Agents Have Tattoos? As a real estate agent you don’t want anything that will jeopardize your chances of closing sales. So as much as possible you want to play according to the rules. And one of the crucial questions most real estate professionals ask […]

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