Top 3 Best Cryptocurrency Insurance Companies

The top 3 best cryptocurrency insurance companies.  The insurance industry is a very big industry in the US. In fact as at 2020 the industry was worth a mega $1.28 trillion. And it is still growing. We’re used to having medical insurance. We also have lives and cars insurance. Some of us even insure our […]

5 Reasons Companies Should Offer Crypto Rewards to Loyal Customers

Why is it important that companies offer crypto rewards to customers that have maintained their loyalty? One of the most potent ways gaining customers loyalty and get them coming back is to offer them some sort of reward programs for their purchases. In fact about 61% of SMBs report that more than half of their revenue comes […]

6 Ways of Becoming Rich – No 3 will blow you away

There are 6 ways to become rich in life. It is important to know that there is no just one way to being rich. Though there may be other ways to become rich but the 6 I am about giving you are probably the most popular ones you can relate with. But before we proceed […]

The CBN FinTech License You Need to Stay Out of Trouble

CBN Fintech license should be the first thing you consider when planning to start a fintech company in Nigeria. You may have the money to invest and have the technical skill, but without the necessary license you are not permitted to operate in Nigeria. So the question is what does it take to obtain a […]

Top 10 FinTech Companies in Nigeria

Financial service delivery is gradually merging with emerging technologies in Nigeria. That merger has given birth to what is today known as FinTech. And Fintech providers have completely become an integral part of the financial services sector. They creates a wide range of products and services, which have made money management easier and faster. Startups […]

Why MTN is Now More Valuable than All Nigerian Banks and Insurance Companies Combined

Nigeria’s telecommunication giant, MTN is now worth over Five trillion naira. This makes MTN more valuable than all the banks, insurance companies, and in fact all other financial services companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange combined. This is according to market valuation data as of May 20th, 2022, monitored from the Nigerian Stock Exchange. […]

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