Blogging is Also for Professionals – My Personal Journey & Lessons

Blogging is also for professionals – my personal journey; the experiences and the lessons. $120 Million from blogging! How? That was my reaction when I first learnt that professionals can make that much from blogging. I will tell you more about that shortly, but let me start with my own story. My Discovery About Professionals […]

How Does Venmo Work? – A Complete Explanation of the App

How does Venmo work? – a complete description of the app. Have you ever had a deal with someone and at the end of it they say “I will venmo you?” You probably have. But do you really understand what the person meant? Well, if you don’t understand what that means this post might be […]

ALDI Business Model – What Makes Aldi Sell so Cheap?

Aldi business model – the revolutionary discount store Most supermarkets and grocery stores are known for selling their products at huge discounts. But when you talk about discount one company pioneered it. There is one company that is famous for offering discounts. And that company is Aldi of Germany. Aldi with its revolutionary business model […]

WhatsApp Business Model – Why is It Free?

WhatsApp business model- how do WhatsApp make money? WhatsApp is the world’s largest communication platform with over 2 billion users Following Facebook and YouTube, WhatsApp is the third most popular social network worldwide. If WhatsApp decides to charge $10 per month for all users, will you stop using WhatsApp?  Will a 10 dollar monthly bill make […]

Amazon Business Model – How Does Amazon Make Money?

Amazon business model – how does Amazon make money? There is such a term as ‘the big 5 tech companies‘ in America. You can also call them the ‘American Tech Giants’. That term refers to the 5 biggest and most dominant tech companies in America. And guess what? Amazon is in the top 2 of […]

Amazon vs Alibaba Business Models: Similarities and Differences

Amazon vs. Alibaba Business Models: An Overview, the differences and the similarities When you think of making purchases online, 2 names more than anyone else quickly come to mind – Amazon and Alibaba.  Both are giants when it comes to the eCommerce industry. As a business model, eCommerce or online marketplace is one of the […]

Why FG Wants to Ban Ponmo – But Does it Make Sense?

FG set to ban the consumption of ponmo – but does it make sense? Does ponmo have nutritional value? Is the consumption of ponmo having any direct negative impact on the economy? Will a ban on ponmo by FG turn the letter industry around? The Federal Government is proposing a law to ban the consumption […]

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