How to Buy Facebook (Meta) Shares in 2022

How to buy Facebook (Meta) shares in 2022 Wealth is being destroyed and ravaged in the US stock market. In the last one year, billions of dollars have been lost in the stock value of most global brands. It does seem as if tech companies are feeling the heat most. But a particular brand has […]

What The Law Says About CBN Power to Redesign The Currency

`The CBN power to redesign the currency and the position of the law The governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Godwin Emefiele announced on Wednesday, October 26th that the apex bank had obtained approval from the president to redesign some of the Nigerian currency notes. The notes in question include the N200, N500, and […]

Index Funds: What They Are and How They Work

Index funds: What they are and how they work. At a time when the global market is crashing and stocks losing its values people are so scared of investing or trading stocks. Meta stock is crashing badly and that has led to Mark Zuckerberg net worth falling to a 5 year low. So it is […]

How Retail Businesses Actually Make Profit: The Untold Secret

How Retail Businesses Actually Make Profit: the untold secret of blossoming retail stores After I shared my thought on how tough retail can be and the brutality of its low profit margin several persons took to the comment section and some to my inbox to share different personal and practical experiences. Some of the experiences […]

Retail is Tough: The Brutality of Retail Business and Low Profit Margin

Retail Tough: The Brutality of Retail Business and Low Profit Margin My wife is a Distributor with 2 major FMCGs in Nigeria. So living in the same house with her and watching her run the business from close range, I have been able to studyvery closely the model of retail businesses and also understand perfectly […]

How to Create a Saleable Brand Name in 5 Easy Steps

How to create a great and saleable brand name Many people have asked what is in a brand name? Does the brand name actually determine the success or otherwise of your business? Is creating a brand name worth overthrowing? Should one (a startup) even consider paying a brand strategist to create a brand name for […]

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