25 Powerful Ideas of Making Money with PLR Products

23 Ways of Making Money with PLR Products

Here are 25 powerful ideas of making money with PLR products

Did you read my article on Private label rights? If you have not, I suggest you go back and read that before proceeding with this. That post will explain in details everything you need to know about PLR products including the advantages and disadvantages. Having a clear understanding of what it is and how it works will help you appreciate what I am about sharing with you on the ideas of making money using PLR products.

So a lot of persons have knowledge of PRL products but they lack the knowledge of how to start making money with it. Others think the only way of making money with PLR products is just by selling ebooks or publishing blog posts. But the truth is that there are dozens of other ways you can start making money with PLR products immediately if you are creative enough. And in today’s blog post I will share 25 ways you can immediately start making money with PLR products.

25 Ideas of Making Money with PLR Products

1. Convert Them into Blog Contents

The first idea of making money with PLR products is through blog posts.

If have the faintest knowledge of PRL products you should already know this. It is one of the most popular ways of making money from PLR products.

Of course people flock to websites that provide valuable information. So if you can get quality PLR products  online, simply convert them to blog posts and fill your website with it. Like a magnet, it will automatically attract more visitors to your website or blog. And once you have enough traffic, the rest is story.

2. Sell Them on Popular E-Storez like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Tradebit, and others.

The next idea of making money with PLR products is by selling them on popular e-stores.

Remember that with PLR products you have the right to alter the book as much as possible, including putting your name on it ad the author. So just like you could have done for a book you’ve written by yourself you can publish the book in popular online stores like AmazoneBay, Shopify, Tradebit and others.

I know you probably have read that Amazon does not allow PLR books on KDP. But that is not the complete story. As a matter of fact you can publish as many PLR products on Amazon as you want and start making money immediately. However, do well to see the terms and how to publish PLR products on Amazon without consequences.

3. Create your own online store or membership site

If you don’t want to sell on third party stores like Amazon and eBay you can decide to create your own web store or membership site.

Once again, on your own membership sites you can decide to sell the products instantly, as it is, or modify them for a unique offer.

4. Capture email addresses by offering a free signup bonus

Another way of making money with PLR products is through building an email list.

You know that one of the easiest ways of building email list is by offering free products, otherwise known as lead magnate as a bait. But hey, you are thinking of creating your premium products and you are thinking of creating lead magnets at the same time. Not everyone have that luxury of time. For others, the problem might even be that they have no idea of what to create as a lead magnate that will be enough to attract the right audience.

But with PLR products both problems are taken care of.

5. Use PLR contents for an Ongoing Newsletter

Have you ever wonder how some coaches that send you daily mails manage never to run out of contents?

I mean you get a different mail every single day for 365 days and each of those mails are quick and at the same time powerful.

Now, let me tell you. Those guys are not really the genius you are thinking they are. They are even not as brilliant as you are. They simply have an information you don’t have and it is called PLR products.

So with it, you can keep your email subscribers excited about your business by regularly sending out valuable information they can put into use. And with that you can make more sales and more money as well.

6. Reach more customers with a Joint Venture

With tons of PLR products at your disposal ranging from ebooks, to blog posts, to videos, to templates etc, you have a very powerful negotiation tool that you can use to strike any sort of partnership you desire with other personal brands, online vendors, inflencers or marketers.

The idea is that for any brand to collaborate with you they will not to be sure you have enough value to offer them. And with PLR products you have more than enough already. The good thing about this is that you can even go beyond your primary niche to attract brands. With this collaboration you now have access to larger customer base. And when you offer special packages to the increased customer base, it increases your chances of making more money from your PLR products.

7. Make an e-course and give it away to subscribers

You can never fully understand the full benefit of having a large email list until you have one. With hundreds of thousands of subscribers in your email list you can do almost anything with it and make massive money. One of the uncommon ideas that can go with it is that you can deliver a full eCourse  via email. And how do you generate the eCourse? Through your PLR products.

Usually you have to deliver the course through a series of emails. For example, you can promise your subscribers a 7 day course work. Then, each day you send one topic via email. That way, by 7 days the full course is delivered.   This is even a great opportunity to show them your expertise through value they love and promote other products thereafter.

8. Make passive income from Google AdSense on your website

Another way of making money through PLR products is through Google AdSense. Since you already have enough valuable contents on your blog, you can decide to apply for Google AdSense. With this your website will display Google Ads and you get paid each time a visitor clicks on the ad.

Even if you are not taking the blog as a full time business this can be a source of passive income for you.

9. Use PLR products as bonuses to get customers buy other products

Another good avenue of making money from PLR products is by offering them as bonuses. Have you ever stumbled on online products with part of the ad copy carrying any of the following lines:

  • Buy one and get 2 free
  • Also included is free copy of (…) worth $200
  • Bonus packages include this, this, this and this all worth $1,000

When you see any of those what’s usually your immediate response or inclination? For most, it will be, ‘wow, I am getting more than I am paying for’. And that alone can be enough reason to make the purchase. Customers simply love to hear those words ‘free’ or ‘bonus’.

So your chances of making a sale automatically increases when you offer additional incentives along with the primary product(s). And what else can make it easy for you to have those incentives to give out if not PLR products.

10. Boost your affiliate campaign sales

The same principle in (9) above also applies to products that are not yours. So in an affiliate marketing you can easily get ahead of other Affiliates promoting the same product by offering free bonus products to people who purchase your affiliate product. In fact it works more than using it on your own products. So apply it in making more money from your PLR products.

11. Use our products to create unique digital product

For me, PLR products are not just to be given out exactly the way they came. If you truly want to unlock a means of making more money through PLR products then you need to go a step further. Yes, go ahead and create unique products from those PLR products. And doing this doesn’t even require much. Simply by combining the information and knowledge found PLR products with your personal experience can make it unique.

It is true you may need to invest a little more time to add your unique touch and creativity to it, but it is never going to be the same thing as creating a product from scratch. Besides it is worth any extra investment into it. This is because, a truly unique and valuable original product can help you triple your sale.

FYI: If your product is something truly awesome and unique, having affiliate marketers promote and sell it for you is a great way to bring in higher potential revenue for your business.

12.Use it to Build Backlinks for Your Blog

Backlink is a valuable commodity because the weight of backlinks pointing to a website is a primary search engine ranking factor, especially for Google. What this means is that, the more relevant and quality links you have to point to your website – the higher you can rank in search engine results pages. But there is bad news – buying backlinks can be very very expensive. The cost of getting one backlink can range from $100 to $1,000.

However, there is a good news here also. Some websites can give out backlinks without any charge, but in exchange you will be required to provide them with a very quality and unique blog post. With PLR products getting a quality blog posts to give in exchange for as many backlinks your website needs becomes easier.

13. Use them to create a profitable YouTube Channel

Another great way of making money through PLR products is by creating YouTube channel for your products.

You can create quality videos using PLR contents. Upload those videos on YouTube and try to monetize it.

Other Ways of Making Money Using PLR Products

14. Use the content to create audiobooks or podcasts

There are millions of people that prefer learning through audios to reading books or even watching videos.

So you can reach such audience or customers customers by converting the PLR ebooks, ecourses, or articles to audio. This is quite common in mega cities where people spend hours driving on traffic.

15. Develop a mobile app using the content

The big one is here. Making money through PLR products is also possible through mobile apps.

So you can tap into the huge mobile market by using a PLR product’s content to create a paid apps. Create it and host on any of the app stores and get people to locate it.

16. Increase their value with physical copies

It is 21st century, yet there are people out there who prefer hard copy of every material they choose to read. And guess what? They are unapologetic about it. So what do you do if your goal is making more money through PLR products? Simple! You go after them. And that is simply by printing the physical books or reports and sell them offline.

17. Get free publicity with press releases

You can write a press release describing any of you PLR products before the official release. Share or submit it to press release websites and make it go viral. There are two ways this contributes to your making more money through your PLR products.

  • It gives you serious brand visibility which can be monetized
  • It brings traffic to your site and establishes high quality, permanent backlinks to enhance your site’s SEO

18. Rewrite the content and submit it to blogs or article directories

You can also create high quality and informative articles or blog posts to distribute to other blogs or arcle directories.

19. Create DVD or CD copies

Still on making money with PLR products is to create a DVD or CD copies of the material.

Just like in the case of printing ebooks, PLR products can also be converted to CD or DVD form. With this you can deliver it or market it offline.

20. Turn them into a webinar to attract interested customers

Another way of making money with PLR products is using it for webinars.

Webinar is a powerful way of attracting interested customers for any product.High quality PLR products can be used for webinar. In return it helps you build your email list and sell other products that you offer.

21. Translate them into different languages and reach more customers

Another very simple yet powerful way of making money with PLR products is by translating it to other languages.

Yes, you can reach a larger, untapped market where there’s less competition by translating a PLR work to that language. The work and its content is still the same, but you can now have it in multiple languages. And each of the language is addressing a different market.

22. Learn the information for your own use

You rarely hear people mention this as an advantage. But it is one of the biggest advantages as far as I am concerned. PLR products helps you increase your own knowledge of business and other valuable skills. And by been more knowledgeable and more skillful people pay more to access your services.

23. Use it as product upgrade and make higher profit

Finally, on ideas for making money with PLR products is using it for product upgrade.

Modify the products, add extra value, and sell it at a higher price. You can add illustrations or work books or anything that potentially increases the value of the product. And with that it stands out and sells higher.

23 powerful ideas of making money with PLR products.

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