Blogging is Also for Professionals – My Personal Journey & Lessons

Kachi Ogbonna - Blogging is also for professionals

Blogging is also for professionals – my personal journey; the experiences and the lessons.

$120 Million from blogging! How?

That was my reaction when I first learnt that professionals can make that much from blogging.

I will tell you more about that shortly, but let me start with my own story.

My Discovery About Professionals and Blogging

Today is my birthday, so I want to gift you as a faithful follower and loyal reader of this blog a gift you can never finish in your lifetime.

It is the lesson (or should I say the decision I made) exactly a year ago.

Here we go…

I first learnt about the term blogging in 2015 when I was interviewing different founders for my first book HOW THEY STARTED. I stumbled on Linda Ikeji and learnt of her success in blogging so I decided to feature her brand in that book.

Personally, I could have started my own blog in 2016 when I released that book and it was selling like wide fire in places I have never been to, but I didn’t.


I had a misconception about blogging.

I thought blogging was all about gossips.

But you won’t blame me, will you?

Linda, the then highest paid blogger in Nigeria was into gossips, Bella Naija was into gossips and almost all the top Bloggers then were into gossips. So I just assumed blogging was all about gossips.

But how wrong I was.

Nonetheless, I carried on my ignorance.

Then I Got A Shift From Gossips to Blogging By Professionals

But last year I attended a training that dealt a big blow to that misconception. I discovered that gossips is the lowest cadre of blogging, I realized it is just a very tiny niche when it comes to blogging.

I did another research and discovered that the highest paid Bloggers in the world are core professionals in different industries but actively into blogging.

So you mean professionals can also go into blogging?

You mean industry experts can be Bloggers too?

The answer I got was a ‘YES’.

But instead of been excited I was almost sliding off into the path of regret – “now it is late for me to start”, I said within me.

But God quickly came to my rescue from such a withholding thought.

I quickly remembered that “the best time to start my blog was 10 years ago, but the next best time is TODAY”

And My Journey as a Professional Blogger Started

So on September 27, 2021 I bought the domain

That was my birthday present to myself – I hope I will ever get a birthday present 🎁 worth as much for the rest of my life.

I made a decision to start a blog in my area of expertise  – as an entrepreneurship consultant.

Sometime late last year I started.

It marked a new beginning.

It marked a completely new level in my career.

Today, I looked back to the 184 blog posts I have made and the millions of lives across 6 continents that have been touched and I can only thank God that I started.

But I am not here to share about myself today, rather, I want to talk to YOU

Listen very carefully if you are a professional (an expert in any field) reading this.

Blogging is for you.

Yes, I mean you, Medical Doctor,

You, Lecturer

You, IT Professional

I mean You, Lawyer

You, Accountant

You, Farmer,

Yes, I mean you, Consultant in any field.

Gossip blogs are limited in the ways they can make money, but for you there is simply no limit.

Many People Still Believe Blogging is Not for Professionals

But something happened just yesterday to make me believe that so many people (including fellow professionals) still have that misconception that blogging is all about gossips.

My fellowship had set up a committee to come up with profitable business that they can run as a group.

I found myself as one of the members of that committee and during the brainstorming session yesterday several ideas came up.

One of such ideas was that of running a blog for the group.

But someone was concerned about the possibility of it flying. His fear was that what usually sell in blog is usually gossips.

He was wondering how we can make we are likely going to be sharing more of conservative contents as a Christian body.

Once I heard that it dawned on me that many of us still does not understand blogging beyond gossips.

Many still believe that there is no place for professionals in blogging.

But that is by the way.

Before I go ahead to talk about the money you can make from blogging as a professional, let me tell you that the first way of positioning yourself as an authority in your field is by running a blog (writing a book is actually the second).

A blog will make people who get real value from what you share to see you as an authority, respect you and seek you out to pay for premium services.

A blog will help you bless millions of life with your gift, knowledge and skill everyday.

It will help you go round the world without leaving your room.

And the money…?

1. Tim Sykes is one of the most successful Bloggers in the world. He makes $120 million annually from his blog.

Tim is not into gossips.

He is a professional

And what does he do?

He is a professional finance and investment coach. He teaches people the fundamentals of stock trading and strategies for scam-free investing.

2. Peter Rojas runs a blog called ‘Engadget’.

Is he into gossips?


What he does is to review consumer electronics.

But he makes $50 million from his blog per annum.

3. Chiara Ferrangi loves fashion so much, so she started a blog to share her love and passion for fashion.

She started in 2009, but today she earns $35 million annually from that blog

4. Sarah Titus does something very similar to what my wife has started doing.

Her blog is simply to educate moms on how to make cool cash as house wives while sitting at home and doing house chores.

What she brings is value and not gossips.

Yet, she pockets at least 25 million from that blog every year.


5. Melyssa Griffin makes $25 million teaching business strategies.

6. Pat Flynn makes 25 million annually teaching people how to make passive income while still at their jobs.

7. Alborz Fallah makes 15 million from caradvise.

What does he do?

He does car reviews and advises people on the best car to go for.

Today, his blog is regarded as one of the most reliable websites to visit before making a decision on your next car.

His passion and knowledge are driving that.

8. Michelle Gardner

Can you talk of finance without mentioning Michelle?

She makes $12 million annually sharing that knowledge.

9. Steve Kamb

He is a fitness coach. Everyday he shares fitness tips and tricks. But he does it so well that from the blog he makes $12 million.

I can go on and on and on.

But here is my point…

My point is that blogging has gone beyond gossips.

Those looking for gossips are on Social Media today.

But on Google people are constantly asking questions that will improve their lives and careers.

If you can provide them with answers, then you are in money.

Back home,

I know a young man here whose blog is all about Nigerian Gospel Music but he makes millions of naira monthly.

I know another person who blogs principally about scholarship and he is also a millionaire.

You know so much about:



✅Human Rights


✅Building and Construction







✅The Bible

✅Farming etc

And you are ‘wasting’ that knowledge on Facebook.

Register a domain today.

Talk to someone that will be willing to put you through on the basics of blogging.

Come back by my birthday next year and share your testimony.

Remember you already have the knowledge which is the value, all you need now is the basics of blogging.

To your success 🙌

©️Kachi Ogbonna
Your Favourite Entrepreneurship Blogger

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