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Let me help build you build a highly optimized blog and train you to become a pro blogger in 6 months

Business Consulting Services
Business Consulting Services

I published my first business book, HOW THEY STARTED – INNOVATIVE NIGERIAN BRANDS in 2016. That book (foreword by Prof. Pat Utomi) sold out in less than a year. I published my second book CENTRAL BANK OF IDEAS in 2018 and it sold widely across different countries too.

I launched HTS Business School in 2016 and HTS Shuttle Services on November 1, 2017. HTS Shuttle Services was an innovative intra-city transport company I started to demonstrate my flagship message as an entrepreneurship consultant – that one can build a business without money. Yes, I launched the business without putting my own money into it – not even a cent. I was able to raise enough money to purchase the 5 vehicles for our launch through an investment plan.

Within 14 months I grew the business to 40 vehicles raising over 61 million naira. I had to turn down several millions from prospective investors. In fact, I could have raised half a billion if I wanted.

Why Am I Telling You This Story?

You might ask, what is the relationship between this story and the blogging masterclass you are here for? Now, I tell you. I want you to understand how my blogging journey started.

When people saw the early success we recorded in HTS Shuttle Services it drew more persons who wanted to know our secret. Unfortunately there was a limit to how far my books could get in hard copy.

So I thought of way to reach more people and impact more entrepreneurs with the knowledge and extensive experience I have gained running my own business and that led me to starting a blog.

When I started my blogging journey in 2021 it didn’t take long for me to realize that every professional should actually run a blog. Yes, it is the right thing to do. I can go ahead and tell 20 reasons you need a blog as a professional. But you can read that here at your own convenience time. I then decided to launch Blogging Masterclass for professionals to help other professionals like myself exert more authority and influence in their field.

Blogging masterclass for professionals is therefore a hands-on-training on how to go from a novice to a pro blogger with Kachi Ogbonna. The training is designed exclusively for professionals who want to:

  • Be seen as an expert and authority in their given field
  • Become more influential and 10,000x their global reach in less than 12 months
  • Make more money from their knowledge and expertize
  • Attract more premium clients that can pay their through worth from across the world
  • Impact more lives beyond where they are or can reach physically

So, Why Are You Here?

  1. Are you a medical Doctor?
  2. Are you a lawyer
  3. Are you an Accountant?
  4. Are you a Lecturer or Teacher?
  5. Are you a Pastor?
  6. Are you a Political Analyst?
  7. A Pharmacist?
  8. A Nurse?
  9. Are you a Writer?
  10. A Business Consultant or whatever profession for that matter?
  11. Are you looking for how to share your knowledge and expertise with people around the world and earn from it?
  12. Are you tired of been in paid employment where you know that you are been underpaid for all you do?
  13. Do you want to be noticed, liked, respected and paid highly for the value you bring?

If your answer to the above questions is ‘YES’ then you should be speaking with me for blogging masterclass for professionals already.

  1. I build you a dynamic and standard website/blog
  2. I will help you convert your regular knowledge and notes to digital web contents in global demand
  3. Train you to become a pro blogger in just 6 months
  4. Train you to become an expert in keyword research
  5. Groom you to become a guru in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Show you and train you on the essential tools and plugins for effective blog growth
  7. Mentor you till you get your first 10,000 organic traffic
  8. I will show you 12 distinct ways you can make money from your blog

You will get this and even more by working with me.

  1. Exclusive discussion with an expert blogger to understand your peculiar needs
  2. I will analyze your skills and competencies with you and look for areas of strength and areas that need improvement
  3. I will help you purchase the domain
  4. I will host it for you
  5. I will secure it for you
  6. I will give you a sweet and professional blog design like my own –
  7. I will help you with the best plugins (the same ones I use) that will help you get the best out of blogging
  8. I will set up your Google Search Console
  9. I will train you to become an expert in Keyword research using great tools like Ubersuggest, Ahref, Moz and Keywords Everywhere
  10. I will train you on Search Engine Optimization
  11. I will share my work plan with you
  12. I will hold you accountable and ensure you execute ruthlessly once your blog is up and running
  13. I will give you a daily, weekly and monthly target you must meet
  14. I will mentor you and hold your hand until you have at least your first 10,000 organic visitors

That’s the steps I take to ensure you get the result you long for.

You will reach us on WhatsApp: 09080293564, to get your invoice and make payment.

Once you make payment, you will send me an email at or message on WhatsApp: 09080293564 with the evidence of payment.

Once I confirm your payment, I will contact you within 24 hours of confirmation.

  • The Blog Design takes 2 weeks from the day your payment is received
  • Your training will last for 3 weeks
  • Then for the next 6 months you are blogging under my direct mentorship

The delivery is done virtually with a one-on-one session (where necessary) once every 2weeks. However, the cost of any travels for one-on-one sessions will be borne by you.

My Blogging Masterclass for Professionals costs a flat rate of N300,000.00

Chat me on WhatsApp- 09080293564 for your invoice and payment.

What you do for a living at the moment
This refers to the area, industry or aspect of life you want to your blog to focus on. Examples of a niche can include Education, Business, Architecture, Banking, Insurance etc
If you are an entrepreneur, let us have your brand name. And if you are not, you can still state how you wish to be addressed when you own a blog
Also state your expectations from the training