Business Ideas for Teens and Kids

Entrepreneurship does not discriminate against age, neither does success. As far as business and success is concerned, age is just but a number. So if you are a teen and wondering what business you can start this post is for you. There are many good business ideas for teens that you can start and become very successful with them.

See how you can control your children or teen’s use of smart phone for their business

Some of the business ideas for teens require little or no funding. This will make it a lot easier to fund your operations. Today young people want to engage. They want to work. It is their desire to be part of the productive economy and I think this is good.

So if you are looking for profitable business ideas well suited for teens like you check out the options below:


1. Youtuber

The first in the list of business ideas for things that I want to share is becoming a YouTuber.

How many of you know that the richest YouTube personality in the world today is a kid?  His name is Ryan Kaji. It is a sort of ironic that a ten year old kid leads an industry worth over 15 billion dollars. In fact he has competed for the number one position since age 5. With over 41 millions subscribers to his channel Ryan’s World the American kid wonder has inspired millions of children with his toys review, creative educational videos, science experiments, music videos and more. In 2021 alone Ryan earned a whopping $29.5M.

So without mixing words this will be the first business I will recommend to any kid or teen wanting to venture into entrepreneurship. It is so easy to start and costs nothing so to do. Simply use your phone or that of your parents to make videos, then create a Youtube channel – it is free.

Make your videos as interesting and educational as possible. Make sure it focuses on something you are passionate about so that you don’t lose steam on the way. Grow your followers from there and you will start making big bucks from advertising.

2. Transcribing

Transcribing is great for teens who need to work around their busy schedule of school and extracurriculars. Most of the work involves transcribing audio or video messages. You will perform well on the job if you can type fast. Paying attention to details is also a necessary skill to succeed in this. Of course you must know how to use computer and related software.

Why I personally like this type of job is that it will automatically help improve the individual’s academic interest and performance. So by working you are also studying and instead of affecting your academics negatively it improves it.

3. Blogging

This is another academic-centric business idea for teens. Blogging is about owning a part of the internet and sharing what you know with the world. Anyone can start blogging irrespective of age. It is about finding something that interest you or something you know that others can learn from. If your blog carries enough value people including adults will look for it. Another reason I think blogging is a good business idea for teens is that you can start blogging on platforms like Medium or Blogger for free.

Two key ways you can make money from blogging as a kid is to sell affiliate links and get commission and/or allow Google display ads on your blog and pay your through Google Adsense.

4. Web Design

Another important one in the list of business ideas for teens is Web design. Web design is one of the fastest growing careers in the US. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the need for web design will grow by 13% from 2020 to 2030. Nearly 18,000 new job openings for web designers are expected each year. And guess what? Most of them will require you to work remotely.


I feel it is an interesting opportunity and business idea for teens and kids in this digital age. Several small business owners out there are not particularly tech-savvy. They can’t build their website for themselves. You can help them out at a cost. If you get enough clients you already have a big business as a teen and you will only need to build on it.

No one will ask you your age before giving you a web design job. All they want to know is your ability to deliver. So go get the skill and start making money already. And if by any means you still don’t know how to design a website, then here is a complete guide on how to design a website from scratch.

5. Proofreader

Another awesome business idea for teens is proofreading. There are many people who need help to ensure that their grammar and spelling are okay. When  I wrote my first book HOW THEY STARTED I paid so much money to have someone proofread it for me. You can also get customers from among your fellow students who are working on certain academic projects.

Once again this is a business idea that will help you as a teen or student improve in your academics. Especially when it comes to linguistics.

Want to learn step by step approach to start individual business ideas? Check out this.

6. Graphics Design

If you are good with graphics and considering business ideas for teens this is one fun business idea I will recommend to you. Most professionals and business owners are quite busy and will not want to spend time on the graphics aspect of their business. For this reason they will like to outsource this. Many people also lack the natural creative instincts needed for a graphics design job. If that is your strength you can be sure to get enough jobs. Every business need graphics in this social media era.

Among the things you can design for your clients are logos, complimentary cards, posters, marketing materials etc.

Once again, no one discriminates against age while outsourcing graphics design job.

7. Janitor Services

One of the easiest and very lucrative business ideas for kids and teens is janitor services. This involves helping people to clean their house and offices.

Almost anyone that has a job and children will most certainly need someone to help out with house cleaning. People tend to trust kids and teens for this kind of job more than they do for adults.

You don’t need any money and you don’t need any skill to start this. Simply use the cleaning agents your parents have at home each time you get a job to do. Let people know you are available to render this service through your WhatsApp Status or social media handles. Also do word of mouth marketing in churches and social gathering. Don’t be ashamed to tell people that you can do this, except of course you don’t need money.

Janitor service is a good business idea for teens
Janitor service is a good business idea for teens

If you need further motivation to start this let me share. Check out Austin Miller. He is the founder of Spruse Clean. He shares the inspiring story of how he makes $62,000 a month cleaning peoples houses. Guess what? He only had $200 when he started.

8. Photography

Photography is another in the list of high income business ideas for teens and even kids.  As a photographer your job is to take pictures of people and products. In this social media era where people do a lot of sales online product shoot is really on the rise. But you will also make good money from covering weddings and birthday parties.

What more? You can even start this with your camera phone f you can’t afford to get a dedicated camera yet. Of course, this will limit you but you will grow from there.

Teen Photographer
Teen Photographer
9. Tutorial Classes

If you ask me I will say this is actually the best business idea for teens. Imagine the joy and satisfaction you get from helping others to succeed. Secondly, it is often said that the best way to get better at anything is to teach it. So helping fellows students who are struggling academically is one good way of mastering any subject. And at the end you will be paid for it.

Some tutorial masters charge between $15/hour to $50/hour. Your clients are around you – your colleagues in school. And if you are up to 18 years old then sign up at Tutors.com and get clients from all over the country.

10. Tech Consulting

Certifications don’t discriminate against age. You can get Microsoft Certifications, Apple Certifications, Oracle Certifications, Facebook Certifications, Cisco Certifications as a teenager. I know  few lads that became tech gurus as teens. As a tech consultant you advise people on how to use tech related solutions to achieve their business goals. You also recommend the best software or devices they can use. By doing this you can earn money in two prominent ways: consulting fees and affiliate marketing.

So if you are good at Computers, then Tech Consulting can be a good business idea for you as a teen.

11. Errand Services

One of the most important resource you own as a child or teenager is your time. Rather than waste it you can decide to commercialize it. Busy moms and professionals are in need of people that will run errands for them. And teenagers are the perfect fit for such. So your job will be to receive the list of things they want to buy and help them get it. So if you are looking for a business idea for teens errand services just works. And it require neither money nor skill to start. Just your energy and knowing your way around major shops and streets.

12. Delivery Service

This is similar to errand services. You can start your own courier service where you pickup food orders from restaurants and deliver to people in their offices and you will be paid for that. This business idea is perfect for teens who want to make some money on the side and it will baring hurt in anyway. There are many other good business ideas for teens that can spin off from this but just start with pick and drop first and watch your progress.

13. Laundry Service

Laundry Service is a good business idea for thing to make daily income. And I assure you that this is very profitable no matter the scale. There are many families who are too busy to do their laundry and will be glad to have someone come to their house and help out. An hourly pay of $5 to $10 for this is very workable.

At start you don’t need money, shop or anything else to work. Just go from home to home and deliver. But as you grow, you can get a shop where people will drop their clothes on their way out. As you grow further you may need to get extra washer to speed up your delivery time.

14. Car Wash

This is already very common among young people. Many car owners definitely don’t have the luxury of time to wash their cars by themselves. You can go to car parks, offices and peoples’ homes to help wash their cars. You can be paid as much as $5 to wash a car and you can wash ten in a day.

15. Comedy Star

Business ideas for teens must not be build around skill. It can also be build around talent, gift or even passion. And one such big one that can be built around passion and natural talent is comedy. Children comedy is not yet very common but it is another business idea any teen could consider. In Nigeria the richest Youtube channel is Mark Angel Comedy channel. The channel features prominently owned by a teenage comedian Emmanuella Samuel. Children and teens are naturally blessed with a huge sense of humour, don’t waste your own.

Comedy is one of the business ideas open to teens and kids - Emmanuella a case study
Comedy is one of the business ideas open to teens and kids – Emmanuella a case study
16. Public Speaking

Children need motivation as much as adult. Teenagers also need inspiration in their career and journey of life. And who else is better positioned to inspire teenagers than teenagers. So if you have the ability to speak confidently on any subject then this could be an idea to consider.

17. Parking business

Parking business is another fantastic business idea for any teen seeking a way to venture into entrepreneurship without capital. One of the reasons I will recommend this is that it is more labour than capital intensive. So basically you walk with your strength which teens have in excess. Another advantage of this is that it can be done at home. And by doing it at home you can employ the services of older people at home like grandparents to assist at little or no cost. Remember it doesn’t require any specialty skill, so anyone can do it.

You can easily get the job from factories and other production companies. Warehouses also offer this job as well.

18. Holiday decorating business

This does not involve any stress, it does not affect your schooling and it can be done occasionally. This business idea is for any teen that requires money for or during the major festivals in a year. During holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine day, New Year day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween etc families spend time together. Most homes need some creative individuals that can help them decorate their homes in such season. So if you are a teen with creative instinct and looking for a seasonal business idea to pursue, this is for you.

19. Recycling Business

Recycling business is not just for the money but also for the social impact. In a world where the campaign for a safer environment is high and SDGs a genuine cause that we should all sign into I will recommend this to any young person that wants to impact the earth and still make some good money.

How do you start this?

  • Get a space where you can collect and sort all recyclables – with your parents permission you can use your backyard
  • Find a way to get the message out to people that you render this service (you can use words of mouth, website or social media)
  • Get recycling bins where customers can drop off what they have
  • Strike a deal with recycling companies to buy those materials from you.


There is no telling how far you can go as a teen entrepreneur with this kind of business idea. The most important thing is to first start.

20. Music Lessons

I see this a s a very interesting business idea for teens that love music. This is a clear way of making money from what you love and enjoy. The service involves teaching music and musical instruments to children, your fellow teens and even adults. You can decide to do this in a physical one on one session or via video calls.

You can also do this through any of your social media channels including via Youtube.

21. Social Media Marketing

Social Media has completely changed the way we do business in the 21st century. If one is making a list of business ideas for teens in 2022 and didn’t include Social Media Marketing then that list is not complete. How does this work? It is about creating serious engagement on social media that helps you get more interested followers. As your followers increase your chances of making sales each time there is offer increases. If you have a large audience other brands can even pay you to influence for them on social media.

A good and simple strategy to grow your audience on social media is to tell stories. Stories that people can connect with. Also share valuable and inspirational speeches or quotes. And finally post pictures of yourself doing different things that shows people that you are real.

22. Cake Maker

If you are someone that loves to bake or cook then this business idea is for you as a teen. Even as a student you can start this business and make lots of money by baking for friends celebrating birthday parties, after school hang-out, end of the year parties etc. Students love fun as much as they love cake. You will struggle to meet up with orders if they love your cake.

23. Data Entry

If you can type, if you can pay attention to details, if you have patience as a virtue, then this is a perfect business idea for you as a teen. There are tons of data that most companies have to enter on a daily basis. It is more of a routine job and doesn’t require a Havard graduate on $1,000,000 pay to do. So they are open to a teenager or a high school graduate who can pay attention to details to do it.


The good thing about this job is that it can also be done remotely.

24. Tech Tutor for the elderly

Most of the old people you know grew up when technology penetration was not as common as it is today. Some of them struggle to use Microsoft office packages. Yet, for one reason or the other they are still interested in learning and using some tech tools. They need a loving and patient teen that will explain to them at their pace and they will reward you handsomely for that. Will you be the help they seek?

25. Social Media Manager

Big personal brands, politicians and even most companies are in need of a remote social media manager to manage their social media channels. You must have known that the President of America is not the one directly managing his Twitter or Facebook account. Same thing applies to top NBA stars you know. But even less known brands are also becoming busy and will like to pay someone to help keep their pages updated. If you have a flare for social media and is able to create good contents you may consider this.

26. Gift Wrapping Business

This is very simple and straightforward business idea for teens wishing to make money during festive and even none festive periods. Shopping outlets, supermarkets and gift shops have lots of gifts they want to wrap and sell or deliver. Most times they need as much hands as they can get. You are paid for the number of packs you are able to wrap in a day. So how much you make depends on how fast and efficient you can be. This is one of the most flexible businesses to consider as a teen. You can accept to work on any day of your choice.

27. Creating of mobile App

There are lots of drag and drop tools that you can use to create mobile apps even if you can’t code. So you can decide to start a business of creating dynamic mobile apps for small businesses around you. You can also create apps and host it on any of your favourite app stores and get paid for that.

28. Live Streaming Gamers

Have you seen a kid that doesn’t like video games? Maybe not. This is one fantastic business idea for any teen who want to make money from the games they play for fun. As a live streaming gamer what you do is to play video games and allow people to watch you. There is a professional and non-professional side to it. But by and large it takes place on Youtubes or Twitch.

29. Selling handmade crafts

If you are a teen and you are good at crafts then you can hone the skill and make some money by selling your creations. Hand bags, fascinators, bead necklace are just few among the many crafts you can create.  This can be done as a local vendor within your area. And you can also set up your own business website or social media channels and sell across border using ship on demand option. There is no limit to what you can make from this. If you do it well you might get distributors and affiliate markets in different states.

30. Sewing Business

If you can make beautiful dresses whether for boys or girls or unisex then you have a great skill as a teen. No one can have this skill and be jobless. From your very parents home you can make thousands of dollars sewing dresses and delivering to people as the order come. You will like to explore this.


There are so many other business ideas for teens. I just explained the 20 above but you can explore more on your own including the ones listed below.

Candle Making Business

Freelance Writing

3D Printing Design Business

Makeup Artist

Be a Rockstar

College Prep Classes

Computer Set up Company

Caricature Artist

Window Washing

Sign Spinner

Loan Shark

Soap Making Business

Online reseller

House Sitting

Leaf Removal

Publish your own magazine

Lemonade Stand

Ice Cream Cart

Sell Art

Pressure Washing Company

Craft Fair Vendor



Ebay Store

Esty Store

Greeting Card Writer

Handmade Jewelry



Social Media Influencer

Pet Sitting

DJ Services


Fire Spinner

Pet Photographer

Pet Grooming

Dog Walking


As you can see, there is barely any business that a teen that is entrepreneurial inclined cannot start. The key thing is to do a SWOT analysis of yourself. Find out the skills you have, your passion, the opportunities available to you and the problem you can solve when you put all those together.

I wish you the best in your noble aspiration of joining the entrepreneurship world as a teen.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need further guidance on any of this.



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