How to Start a Profitable Laundry Business in Nigeria

How to start laundry business in Nigeria Laundry (sometimes called dry cleaning) business is a very popular and common business in Nigeria. But it is not just popular but equally very lucrative. Unfortunately many young people especially graduates tend to despise it. They consider it a menial job and would rather go in pursuit of […]

How to Start a Lucrative Plantain Farming in Nigeria – 2022

How to start a lucrative plantain or banana farming business in Nigeria and make continuous profit for 30 years with just one-off investment. Background As Consultants to Central Bank of Nigeria in HTS Business School we train entrepreneurs seeking to access the Federal Government CBN/NIRSAL AGSMEIS Loan. We are also consultants to two other EDIs […]

How to Start a Football Academy in Nigeria (2022)

Football has become a very lucrative business in the world today. Top entrepreneurs are now investing massively because of the potential they see in the game. The mere fact that one footballer can earn as high as $300k in a week should tell you that there is money in the game. So if a single […]

How to start palm oil business in Nigeria (2022)

Palm oil business in Nigeria is one of the lucrative businesses anyone can venture into. But it is not just in Nigeria alone but also anywhere else in the world. The reason for this is because of the diverse uses and also the high ROI it commands. Contrary to general belief that palm oil business […]