What Happens to Real Estate During Stagflation?

I have heard many emerging realtors asking the question of what happens to real estate during stagflation. I consider this a crucial question not just for real estate professionals but for investors as well. And I am not just going to share what happens to real estate during stagflation but also what causes it and […]

What is Buy Box in Real Estate?

What is buy box in real estate? As a real estate agent or professional one of the things that is going to give you an edge over others in the field is to be very conversant with key terms and terminologies in the industry. You have to invest in understanding important terms that will help […]

Hugh Grosvenor and the Source of His Wealth

Hugh Grosvenor and the source of his wealth – a brief review Hugh Grosvenor is one of the richest real estate billionaires in the world. At 31, he is worth about $16 billion. Hugh Grosvenor actually ranks 7th in the list of top 100 richest real entrepreneurs in the world. Even before he clocked 30 […]

Richest Real Estate Entrepreneurs in the World and Their Net Worth

Richest real estate entrepreneurs in the world and their net worth Real estate has been producing billionaires for ages. In fact some of the richest entrepreneurs the world has produced in the last 200 years or thereabouts made their money from real estate investments. And even today despite the tech industry taking the lead, you […]

10 Ways to Buy Rental Property with No Money

How to buy rental property with no money in your pocket. Before tech became the order of the day we know that the richest men in the world were those into real estate. Warren Buffet easily comes to mind. But even today few industry makes more billionaire than investment in real estate. In fact, billionaire […]

Top 10 Real Estate Companies in The World – 2021 Ranking

Top 10 real estate companies in the world Introduction – Top 10 Real Estate Companies in the World The real estate industry is a big business that generates hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue annually. And there are plenty of opportunities for investors to make a profit from the $4.5 trillion industry. The real […]