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Company Profile Design
Company Profile Design

How many entrepreneurs can boldly say ‘here is our company profile?’ Well, the design of a company profile is very important for your branding and brand projection. Incidentally it is not as difficult as you might be thinking. With a little more than a click here you can have for yourself the design of a  professional company profile that stands you out in your industry.

A company profile is not a confidential document. In fact, it is always available for everyone to download and peruse from the company’s website.The company profile lets investors, partners, suppliers, customers and in fact the general public know more about your brand and what you do.

What Is A Company Profile?

A company profile otherwise known as corporate profile design is a  professional and well-written document that tells the complete story about you brand, what you do and all you stand for. The design of a company profile should be such that anyone can pick it up anytime anywhere and without seeing nor interacting with you be able to make a decision to do business with your brand.

Your company profile is your ambassador in your absence. And for this reason, it needs to be as detailed, comprehensive and as crystal clear as possible. However, it shouldn’t be that bogus nor worthy. In fact it is a good practice to have most information represented pictorially. It makes it more appealing to even people that are novice in your industry. A layperson must understand it by just looking through it. A professional knows the the most compelling way to tell your story using pictures..

Perhaps you are still asking exactly what the design of a company profile will do for your brand. So here is a list of what a company profile can do for your brand:

A company profile gives your brand the spotlight

Your unique value proposition stands out in your company profile. You can position your brand through your company’s history and deliverables.  And there is no better place to achieve this than on a company profile.

It Brings about growth

A company profile is used to develop a strategy for expanding business operations and revenue.

It can make you look bigger

In branding they say that “the only thing more important than what you are selling is what you make people believe you are selling”. Company profile from an expert can actually project your brand bigger than the NOW. A company profile can make people see you the way you want to be and not just the way you are now.

It Can serve as a proof and validation for your work

An important aspect during the design of a company profile is “Our Clients” section. One thing you should know is that no one wants to be used for ‘experiment’. No one wants to be your first customer. People will be more at home to patronize you when they an hear that you have served or delivered to so, so, so and so persons or companies. And your corporate profile has to capture that.

It tells your story

Story sell. People want to hear your story today. How did you start? Who are you? Where are you going? That’s the essence of a company profile.

Would you let us tell this story on your behalf?

  • Anyone interested in starting any type of company in any country and any industry.
  • Anyone that has already started a company but wants to give the business a more corporate outlook.
  • Anyone working at a company that wants to launch a new product and or a new service.

Let’s write your company profile today.  Stop procrastinating.

We have over 12 years of experience in running businesses. We have written many company profiles and understand how to make yours stand out.

When we design your company profile, we project you in the best possible way. You will automatically look like a genius and shine like a diamond to all stakeholders in your industry.

Our work will inspire you to reach your full potential in business and this is irrespective of your industry.

You will get the following when we write your company profile:

  • About your company (Background)
  • Your Company History
  • Value proposition
  • Vision statement
  • Mission statement
  • Goals / Objectives
  • Description of your products and services
  • Focus Areas
  • Strategy
  • Management structure
  • Clientele

We will touch on every one of the points listed above to give your company a befitting story.

Once you make payment, you will send us an email at or WhatsApp message on: 09080293564 with the evidence of payment.

Once we confirm your payment, we will contact you within 24 hours of confirmation. It is from there that we get all the necessary information we need to start the design of your company profile.

During the design of your company profile, we will keep you updated with the process until it is ready.

You should expect us to deliver your comprehensive and sparkling corporate profile within 3 weeks.

Your complete business plan will be delivered in three formats:

  1. Two neatly bound hard copies to be delivered to you anywhere (within Nigeria) – all cost on us.
  2. A PDF format to your email
  3. An MS Word format also to your email.

For us, getting a corporate profile for your brand is a huge investment. And the ROI is always one of the best you can think of.

So how much will be your investment to for us to design a professional company profile for you?

The design of our company profile costs N400,000. However, if you are a first time customer we give it to you at a flat rate of N250,000 irrespective of the industry.

Chat us on 09080293564 (WhatsApp) today to get an invoice for your payment.

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