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If you want to be a Medical Doctor, where do you go to be trained?

My guess is that your answer is Medical School

If you want to be an Engineer where do you go to?

I am assuming you will say Engineering School

If you want to be a Soldier, where do you go to?

Chances are you answered Military school

What about those that want to be Lawyers, where are they trained?

Normal people would answer Law School

If someone wants to be a Nurse, where is the place of training?

The obvious answer must be a Nursing School

And if I want to be a Pastor?

I simply go the Theological School

But if I want to be Successful in life, where do I go to?

I asked this question almost in all my training and if there are 100 persons in the class oftentimes I get 90 different answers. But I am glad to tell you that if that is the answer you seek especially as an entrepreneur then you don’t need to search further.

HOW THEY STARTED - by Kachi Ogbonna
HOW THEY STARTED – by Kachi Ogbonna
What We Heard Back in School

All through my years in the university I kept hearing of the graduate unemployment ravaging my country of birth -Nigeria. I did my research and discovered that none of the things I ever read or heard about unemployment was an exaggeration. As a graduate I saw fellow graduates stay with their parents for 5 years after graduation because they couldn’t get a good job. I made up my mind that I was not only going to create job for myself and others but that I will teach others how to create jobs too.

Each time I want to embark on anything worthwhile I always start from the place of knowledge. And that was why I connected to Prof. Pat Utomi of Lagos Business School. As a fresh graduate I paid 50,000 naira (that’s nearly $300 then) to be under his mentorship and that turns out to be one of the best investment I ever made in life.

Why am I telling you this? I want you to know that the people you connect with will definitely have so much impact on your life and results.

And if you are here I won’t want us to be strangers to each other. It would make perfect sense that we grow the relationship that already started by you visiting my website.

The Easiest Way to Reach Kachi

So feel free to save my number as Kachi Ogbonna +2349080293564. I am very very good at communicating via WhatsApp, so I would advise you send me a WhatsApp message so that I can save your number also. But please be professional in your mail. A good way to do it in order not to get a response as fast as possible is to introduce yourself straight away and say why you are reaching out.

You can also connect with me on Instagran, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter – Kachi Ogbonna is the ID across all of them or simply fill the contact form below

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