You can become an Email Marketing Consultant with a huge differential today. All you need is to understand the source of email marketing service providers.

But before I introduce the idea of Email Marketing Consultant let me start by asking you. Do you know anyone today who doesn’t have an email address?  In your mental check you can includes your parents or even grandparent? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you need to sit back and review your association.

A Case for Email Marketing Consultants

Almost every single action you want to take online today requires you enter an email address. Sometimes even offline activities also request you submit your email address. If you want to sign up on any social media platform you need an email address.  If you want to apply for a job you need an email address.  To open a bank account you need an email address. If you are seeking admission to a higher institution your email address is compulsory. A 2019 report published by Radicati Group shows that there are 3.9 billion active emails in existence. The word ‘active’ here refers to those email-addresses that have been used at least once in the last three months. What this implies is that there could be much more than that but some are not in regular use.

It is Not a Hidden Knowledge

Companies and professionals are not ignorant of this stat. That is why approximately 80% of business professionals consider email marketing as one of their reliable and most sustainable marketing channel. Do you know why many professionals give out some incredibly valuable resources for free? Some times those resources are worth several dollars. Those resources are called lead magnate. Yes, they simply want to exchange it for your email address.  They do that because they know that having a big email list is an asset.  Creating an effective email campaign is a big step towards achieving their marketing goals and they know it.

If you are reading this and you have been relying on social media campaign for your marketing, then you need a rethink. Thank your God for connecting you with this post because there is a far better way and this post will reveal it. The truth is, most of the Facebook ads you see are only aim to get you drop your email address. It is after you have done that that the real engagement starts. So after reading this book if you have not added the magic of email marketing to your marketing strategies as a means of achieving whatever your business goals may be I am sure you will not need me to tell you to go and start that immediately.

But There is a Challenge

But there is a challenge, some businesses, and when I say businesses I don’t just mean SMEs, I mean even corporations all struggle to get the required result from their email campaigns and a lot of things are responsible for that. First, getting your mail to land in peoples’ inbox is not as easy and straightforward as one may want to assume, and when it does getting people to open that email is even more difficult. According to Mailchimp, a top email marketing company, the average email open rate for most industries is 21.3%. This means that of every 100 emails you send just about 21 of them get opened. I tell you this is a huge threat to most companies that are into email marketing services; unfortunately not many of them know how to fix it.

If you are reading this and you are still wondering the next big thing that you can benefit from in 2022 here is a great opportunity for you, so you need to pay serious attention to what I am showing you now. You can develop the skills needed to help those organizations by packaging as an Email Marketing Consultant.

Most Basic Skills Needed

There are basically 5 skills you need to perform well as an Email Marketing Consultant.

  1. Master how to quickly put out an attention grabbing subject line
  2. Master the art of copywriting
  3. Be creative in your designs
  4. Learn how to build an email list
  5. Understand email marketing analytics such as automation, retargeting, segmentation, open rate and click rate.

My assumption is that if you have interest in this particular idea then you already know email marketing enough. So I will go straight up and show you the real blue ocean that exists in this.


The truth is that there are already so many people out there branding as email marketing experts, email marketing consultants, digital marketing end all of that, but today I want to give you one super advantage that will immediately knock your competitors off your way. In fact with this idea I am sharing with you here you automatically have no competitor, you just created a blue ocean where only you will be swimming.


Here is it – most of the companies using email marketing as a key marketing strategy and even the Email Marketing Consultants that are helping these companies achieve their marketing goals are able to do all we outline above but that is at an incredibly high cost. Hear me again, even the very Email Marketing Consultants working for the companies you know have not been able to help those companies reduce their email bill and the truth is that some of these companies are really bleeding due to the high cost they pay to the email marketing service providers.

Go Beyond What you know

Now as you already know, almost all the companies you know use these popular email marketing service providers you know such as MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response and all that. But the truth is that some of these guys are hosting their services somewhere, and then they repackage and sell back to you. But today I am showing you right away how you can set up a company that does exactly what MailChimp, Aweber and Get Response do. So instead of doing Affiliate Marketing for Mailchimp and co, you can actually become an email marketing service provider and compete with MailChimp instead of competing with the other Email Marketing Consultants. So in effect, this idea I am teaching you here is actually two-in-one – Email Marketing Consultant and Email Marketing Service Provider. I am not sure you understood that last sentence, so I suggest you go back and read it again.

Here is the Game

So what this does for you is that you set up your own Email Marketing Company, then as a person go out as an Email Marketing Consultant to get job from some of these companies looking for an expert to help them manage their emails. When you get the job and they pay you, rather than go to Convertkit or Aweber for the implementation you simply go to your own company, pay yourself and have the job delivered. What I am teaching you here is a strategy that will make you 100 times whatever your mates are making or whatever you used to make as an Email Marketing Consultant.  The tool I will show you will equally reduce how much you or your clients pay as their monthly email bills by at least 105 to 200 times depending on the vendor you have been patronizing.


I am sure you are excited at this already and at this point you can tell that this book is much more than what you were told, but you are asking, how do we get started on this?

Welcome to Amazon Web Services. Amazon has a cloud service called Amazon Web Services (AWS) and one of the most popular services of AWS (maybe not the most popular but our interest for today) is the Amazon Simple Email Services (Amazon SES) and that is what you need to be the ‘baddest’ Email Marketing Consultant in your own circle. What this Amazon SES does is that it allows you choose Amazon as your own Email Service Provider but not just that it also presents you as an email service provider to as many people as don’t have the same knowledge that you have. And this is the step by step process of how to make that happen:

Step 1: Create an Account

Go to and create an account or sign up, it is free to create an account.

Step 2: Choose a plan

Amazon Web Services have a couple of packages, so you select the package that best suits you based on what you intend to use it for.

Step 3: Create a User Interface

Amazon only provides you with an API and not a user interface. So you will need to create your own user interface. Now, you are worried and asking yourself how to create your own user interface. Well, there is the easy way and I will show you – simply go to and you are good to go.

Listen to me, this is 2022 that is starring at you and not 1904 when Nnamdi Azikiwe was born, your mates are thinking and you can’t afford to be sleeping. You need to wake up immediately and get life going. So this guy called Sendy discovered how ridiculously cheap it can be to use Amazon SES to send emails rather than using all those middle men, but he also realized that because Amazon doesn’t provide you with those beautiful user interface he knew there is a gap there.

Opportunities are well of wealth

This Sendy guy knew that many people would have loved to use this service, but because they don’t have the tech skill to do their own user interface design they will be forced to go and keep paying more than a hundred times more to those other guys, he then decided to launch this platform that automatically provide that user interface for you and with that you are your own Get Response, Convertkit and so on. And I challenge you to go check how many millions of dollars that small and relatively unknown company called Sendy is making on a monthly basis. You too can do that, because the anointing of the Governor of Central Bank of Ideas is flowing to you today.


  1. It is highly cost effective

    The truth is that Amazon Simple Email Services is the source for email marketing. It is one of the major cloud services offered by Amazon Web Services and thousands of the big brands you know go directly to Amazon specifically to save cost. I will run a simple comparison for you to see that but for now just know that it is at least 105 times cheaper to use Amazon than using any of the familiar Email Marketing Service Providers as you know them (some are way higher). An average professional or company that uses email marketing as their marketing strategy have up to 50,000 subscribers in their email list and most of them send at least 4 emails per month, others send way more than that. I will show you what this translates to and the cost implication on those companies using them.

        Comparing Amazon Simple Email Services charge with other Email Marketing Service   Providers
Email Marketing Consultant
Email Marketing
  1. It is Post Paid

    Whereas you have to pay in advance to purchase a plan with Aweber, Mailchimp and the rest of them Amazon allows you to use their services and pay after you have gotten value already. So you don’t have to keep money down before you use this – what a deal!

  2. It Gives You a White Label Feature

    Did I promise to show you how you can white label some money spinning software services? Here we are, you can always trust The Governor of Central Bank of Ideas to keep to his promise. So with Amazon and Sendy combined, you are given a feature that allows you host your own account. You can also put your logo, your name and your contact details. When people (and when I say people) that also includes big companies. When they go online to search for Email Marketing Service Providers, they will see your company. Convertkit will be there. Mailchimp will also be there. Get Response will also show up and all that.

    Now you have equal chance with those brands.  Anyone can decide to select yours ahead of others based on the offer. And your price may likely be your advantage. When they enjoy the services you offer they will never know you are using Amazon and Sendy.  Just the same way you have no idea where Get Response and co are hosting their services.

  3. It Offers Other Services

    Amazon Web Services is not only for sending emails and when you create an account with them you can equally select other services you would want to use it for like developing, deploying and hosting applications.

  4. It is the Source

    Using Amazon SES is like cutting off middle men and going right to the source. Amazon has made so much money from this service that it probably aided Jeff Bezos to become the richest man in the world as at when he did. Don’t take my word for it, a more convincing proof for you to use this is for you to see the other brands that are using it. Big and serious companies are using Amazon, so why shouldn’t you?


        The Big Companies using Amazon, how much they pay and how it compares with other companies they could have chosen:

Email Marketing Consultants

I pray your eyes of understanding is opened to understand what I have just illustrated using the table above. But in case you don’t let me attempt to explain. Thousands of companies and individuals like you have discovered Amazon SES. They patronize them because of the so many advantages it holds for their email marketing needs.  But I have decided to show you just their top 10 companies as at 2020.

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As you can see above, every single month Netflix for example pays Amazon 19 million dollars for their cloud services, in a year that will mean 228 million dollars. But if you think that is high then imagine if they were using MailChimp which is what your competitors are using today, it could have been 45.6 billion dollars per annum.  Let me also explain that using Facebook. Facebook pay Amazon 11 million dollars every month which gives you 132 million dollars in a year. But if they were using Amazon, it could have been 26.4 billion dollars per annum. Please take note of the fact that all the amounts mentioned in this section are all in dollars, not in naira and not in cedis either.

Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire today for a reason

Let me ask you, do you think that if Facebook were to be paying 26.4 billion dollars per annum only for email and other cloud related services that Mark Zuckerberg would still be among the richest men in the world today? I doubt. Perhaps that his position could have been taken by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong, the founders of MailChimp. Come on guys, don’t be naive, if Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Samsung, BBC,  ESPN and the big boys you cherish can look for more cost effective ways of managing their email campaigns, why not you. You are not wiser neither are you richer than this guys.

Is this Idea for SMEs Also?

Right now you are probably thinking, ‘but is this really for people like me’? As a Freelance Email Marketing Consultant does this apply to me? As a small business owner is this for me? You are saying “how do I go out there to use the same service provider that Facebook and Netflix are using? Will they even have my time or pay attention to me? Is it possible they accept the one dollar monthly budget for my email marketing since they have 19 million dollar people to focus on?” You are asking so many questions right now.

Ladies and gentlemen, people of God, all yea Email Marketing Consultants, listen to me and listen real good. The rich don’t think that way. Jeff Bezos don’t think that way. Elon Musk don’t think that way. Mark Zuckerberg don’t think that way. Bill Gates don’t think that way. Neither does Larry Page think that way. And that is the reason their net worth will continue to increase each year.

Billionaires Always Go for More

No matter how much these billionaires get from their fellow big brands they are still interested in the 10 cent one small boy from one village in Ijebu Ode wants to give them as long as they are offering service to that guy. It is just like the case of Facebook Ads. Are you aware that in the first half of 2020 alone, Disney spent about $211.8 million dollars on Facebook Ads? I said in 6 months oh, not the full year. Then how come Facebook will still collect $2 from you to advertise a small training in Kigali? I thought they could have just asked you to go with your money. Yeah, after-all they have Disney, P&G, Samsung and co to concentrate on. But once again, the rich don’t think that way.

And I think what I have just taught you here should equally apply to all other aspects of your business. Your goal as an Email Marketing Consultant is to bring down your Email Marketing cost.  This applies to all entrepreneurs and not just Email Marketing Consultant.  As an entrepreneur you should always be on the lookout for better ways of getting the same service.  Yet, get them at a lower rate so that your operating cost don’t continue to go up by the day.


I am not by any means trying to discredit any Email Marketing Service Provider as it were. They are all doing legitimate businesses and their rates are in the public domain for everyone to see. Each customer has got to make a choice of whether to use them or not. My mentioning some specific brands are only for educational purposes. It is simply to drive home the point in a way you will understand it. As a matter of fact, many companies and professionals will still continue to use them nonetheless. But for you that has come to know this post. Maybe you want to be that differential Email Marketing Consultant for 2022. All you are in search of a blue Ocean Idea this post is for you.  You must learn to think beyond your competitors. This is simply a blue ocean and only a few wise people discover it.











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