How to Buy Foreign Stocks in Nigeria Within Minutes

How to Buy Foreign Stocks in Nigeria within Minutes

How to Buy Foreign Stocks in Nigeria within minutes

I started investing in the Nigeria Stock Exchange as an undergraduate. Back then I will have to go from my campus to the office of a stockbroker and give him whatever amount I have to purchase shares for me. Investing in foreign shares was even more difficult. In fact, technically, you need to have at least two confirmed accounts; a domiciliary account and a foreign brokerage account to be able to trade foreign stock as a Nigerian investor. Of course you can get those, but it involves a lot of money and time.

However, today the story is different thanks to FinTechs and the gains technology and innovation has brought. The question of how to buy foreign stocks from Nigeria is no longer a big deal. From the comfort of your home and with just your mobile phone you can buy any stock from any stock exchange in the world.

We now have several mobile apps that serve ad online brokers to facilitate the purchase of foreign stocks right here in Nigeria.

And the fact that Nigeria Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) stepped in and had all online brokers offering foreign stocks in Nigeria registered shows how pronounced the practice has become.

So today I will share with you how to buy foreign stocks in Nigeria within a matter of minutes.

Why You Need Foreign Stocks

You might want to ask, ‘but why do I need to buy foreign stocks in Nigeria?’ The truth is that the opportunity to buy foreign stocks is one that most Nigerians have been running after. And that is of course for some good reasons.  In fact, SEC confirmed that the number of Nigerians buying foreign stocks is increasing by the day with over 400,000 Nigerians investing in foreign stocks within an 18 months period between 2020 and 2021.

So here are some reasons you need to buy and secure some foreign stocks for yourself.

1. It preserves the value of your money in a more stable currency like dollars

2. It is a means of Saving for the future

3. It multiplies your wealth

4. You become a shareholder and stakeholder in foreign and sometimes global brands

5. It could open doors to immigration opportunities

6. It is a means of diversifying your investment and reducing your investment risks

Best Platforms to Buy Foreign Stocks in Nigeria

So today we are considering how to buy foreign stocks in Nigeria. And the best, easiest and most secure way to buy foreign stocks in Nigeria is through SEC licensed mobile apps or online brokers.

Here I share with you the best and most legitimate platforms where you can buy foreign shares from anywhere in Nigeria.

1. How to Buy Foreign Stocks in Nigeria: Bamboo Invest

The first platform I wish to share through which one can buy foreign stocks in Nigeria is Bamboo Invest. Bamboo is one of the easiest ways to access smart investment options in the US. The platform provides real-time access to buy from over 3,000 stocks and ETFs listed on the U.S capital market.It makes investment simple, accessible and affordable – you can invest with as low as $20.

Features of The Bamboo Platform

  • It is very easy to use – You can create an account in less than 2 minutes
  • There is an in-built wallet where you can pre-deposit funds for investment purposes
  • You can withdraw the money on your digital wallet anytime you so wish
  • It requires proof of identification (NIN or BVN) to activate your wallet
  • The platform allows one to make deposit either in naira or in dollars (if you deposit in naira it will automatically convert it to dollars using the current exchange rate)
  • Trading begins from $20 on Bamboo Platform.

How to Invest Through The Bamboo Platform

Investing or buying foreign stocks using the Bamboo app is much easier than you might want to believe. But it is a fact. It is very simple and fast. Below are the steps to buy foreign stocks on the Bamboo app.

1: Download the Bamboo app or simply register on the website here

2: Sign up using your email and phone number

3: Update your investment profile

4: Verify your identity by submitting either your BVN print out or your NIN print out.

5: Fund your account with at least $20.

6: Start trading and manage your investment portfolio via the bamboo platform

Bamboo Deposit Options - how to buy foreign stocks in Nigeria
Bamboo Deposit Options – how to buy foreign stocks in Nigeria

2. How to Buy Foreign Stocks in Nigeria: Trove

How to buy foreign stocks in Nigeria through Trove
How to buy foreign stocks in Nigeria through Trove

The second platform on my list of platforms through which one can buy foreign stocks in Nigeria is Trove. It is another highly rated platform through which one can buy foreign stocks in Nigeria. The platform allows people to invest not just in US stocks but also in Chinese and even local Nigerian stocks.

Trove was developed to provide smart, secure, safe investments to millennials in Africa and anyone looking to make smart financial choices to secure their future.

The goal of Trove is to support micro-investing. In fact, with Trove one can invest with as little as $10 on high profile and quality stocks from big companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber and Netflix etc.

Features of Trove Investment Platform

  • Creating account on Trove is pretty easy
  • It has a demo trading feature that can help you learn to trade before using real money
  • It provides a watchlist that enables you select your favourite companies or stocks for close monitoring
  • The platform has a digital wallet
  • It has both naira and dollar wallet
  • You can only fund your account in naira and it is then converted to dollar
  • Your account will only be verified after you have submitted a proof of identification
  • It has a learning center – Trove University
  • Trading on Trove starts with as little as $10 for foreign stocks and N1,000 for local stocks

How to Invest Through The Trove Investment Platform

1. Download the Trove app from any of the applicable stores (Google Playstore or Appstore)  or register on the trove website here

2. Sign up with your email address.

3. Secure your account by entering your phone number and a strong password.

4. Answer a series of questions about your employment status

5. Answer questions about your investment Profile

6. Verify your identity by uploading any of your identification document

FYI: Any of the following documents can be used – Passport, NIN Slip, Drivers License, National ID, Voters Card, Utility Bill

7. Fund your digital wallet

8.Wait for your account to be verified

9. Start trading on any stock of your choice

3. How to Buy Foreign Stocks in Nigeria: Chaka

Chaka is another online investment platform that comes highly recommended when it comes to how to buy foreign stocks in Nigeria. It grants Nigerian investors access to buy foreign stock from more than 40 countries around the world including US, UK and China. The platform contains a wide range of company stocks to invest with. The digital investment platform also allows foreigners to invest in Nigerian stock.

Features of Chaka Investment Platform

  • It has a digital wallet that you can fund from your local account to be able to trade
  • It has a very attractive referral package that allows you earn as much as $50 when you register and invest with a member’s code
  • The platform also allows foreigners invest in the Nigeria Stock Exchange
  • It has a watchlist feature
  • The Smartinvest feature helps you make automatic investment decision on the best stocks for the day even if you are a novice
  • Trading begins with just $10

How to Invest Through The Chaka Investment Platform

1. Download the app on Google playstore or from the Apple store or register through the website here

2. Sign up with your email address

3. Fill in the referral code ‘CHJOFRHDUP’ and get up to $50 on your first trading

4. Verify your identification with either BVN or bank details

5. Fund your wallet

6. Choose a stock portfolio to invest or use the smartinvest feature.

4. How to Buy Foreign Stocks in Nigeria: Risevest

Risevest is another reliable platform for digital experts to invest and manage user’s investment portfolio for them. This is an opportunity to have the best world-class stock selected to your portfolio by skilled experts. Oh, did I say experts? Yeah, but the goodnews is that you can actually be the expert, managing your own wealth.

But Risevest is not just about stocks alone. It also offer opportunity to invest in real estates across the globe. Oh, and you can even have guaranteed savings with as high as 10% interest on Risevest too.

Features of Risevest Investment Platform

  • Signing up on Risevest is as easy as ABC
  • It has three major services; investment in stocks, investment in real estate and fixed income savings
  • You can create a specific investment plan with Risevest
  • It has a digital wallet
  • For risk averse individuals it has a fixed income investment option that pays up to 10% interest per annum
  • Investment in Risevest starts from just $10
  • Withdrawing your funds takes 3 to 5 days
  • It charges a management fee on the returns earned

How to Invest Through The Risevest Investment Platform

1. Download the risevest app or sign up on register through the website here

2. Sign up with your email address

3. Complete personal information form

4. Go to ‘account’ to update your ID verification

5. Add your BVN under ‘bank and cards’ section.

6. Fund your wallet with at least $10.

7. Subscribe to an investment portfolio option under ‘create plan’.

5. How to Buy Foreign Stocks in Nigeria: offers diverse investment options offers diverse investment options is another one-stop-hub for buying foreign stock and other investment assets in Nigeria. Just like Risevest, offers beyond stocks. It equally offer other investment products such as treasury bills, mutual funds, agriculture and real estate investments. Investors can also trade EFTs, REITs and both local and foreign stocks on

Features of Investment Platform

  • Sign up process is easy and user friendly
  • It has a digital wallet
  • You can deposit and withdraw fund at will from the platform
  • It has a KYC feature
  • It allows members invest in both local and foreign stocks
  • The platform allows investors to invest in treasury bills
  • Trading starts from $10

How to Invest Through The Investment Platform

1. Download the app from your Google playstore or appstore or register through the website

2. Sign up and verify your account information.

3. Update your profile information and upload verification documents under ‘KYC’.

4. Verify your BVN

5. Complete the financial information section.

6. Fund your digital wallet.

7. Go to investment tab, click ‘buy’ on any product you want to invest in. It will be added to your cart, next go to checkout and pay.


Buying foreign stock in Nigeria just got easier. Through reliable and registered online platforms one can access global companies from around the world and invest in any stock of one’s choice.

Even though I can confirm that all the platforms discussed so far are perfect for anyone to buy foreign stocks in Nigeria. Yet, I will advise that you do your due diligence before investing.

And if you are new to any of these platforms, you may want to start with a small amount.  And when you are able to figure out which of the platforms works best for you based on your investment goals you increase your investment and stick on it.

For your information, investing in foreign stock, is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’. But if you are patient and invest from the position of knowledge you gain.

Meanwhile, just like with all other investments, there will always  be risks. However, be wise to know your long-term investment goals and it will help you make the best of investment decision. And if you are not comfortable investing in individual stocks, then index funds will be a perfect fit for you.

My Special Bonus to You

You can earn extra $50 by signing up with my referral code today.

On Chaka you can use this link to register or enter this code ‘CHJOFRHDUP’

On Bamboo use this link to register

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