How to Get Coursera Student Discount 2023 and Courses Available

How to Apply for Coursera Student Discount 2023

How to Get Coursera Student Discount and Codes 2023

It is another year of opportunities here and there. And many students are seeking available opportunities to advance their career one way or the other. Taking new courses, getting new certifications and adding same to one’s CV will no doubt position such individuals for better career opportunities.

And when you talk of certifications to advance one’s career the first name that comes to mind is no other but Coursera. But the challenge for most students is that some of the courses they would want to take on Coursera are paid courses. And not many of the students can afford to pay for those courses and still meet up with other demands in school. So most of them are desperately looking for Coursera student discount. But is there really anything like Coursera student discount?

Well, it appears as if there is no direct Coursera student discount from the search conducted by our team. However, even in the absence of Coursera student discount there are still other provisions for students to take the courses they want for free.  The problem is that most students looking for Coursera student discount don’t even know that these opportunities exist.

It is however, important to know that not all the courses are available for free or at student discount.

So if you are in search of how to get Coursera student discount, this article is definitely for you.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is a U.S.-based massive open online course provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. It works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in a variety of subjects. In 2021 it was estimated that about 150 universities offered more than 4,000 courses through Coursera.

The platform has become the right place for the online SAS Courses, Certifications, and Degrees because it is a reputed and renowned online learning portal.

Why Students look for Coursera Student Discount

It is quite common to see students seeking Coursera student discount. The question is why?

Actually, it is not just about Coursera student discount, discount is a common appeal among college students in America. Apart from Coursera student discount, it is also common to see students discussing about Netflix student discount, Amazon student discount and others. The reason for this is life as a student is not usually that rosy seeing that most students have to cope with very stringent budget.

Besides, platforms like Coursera and Netflix don’t offer their courses and movies respectively for free. For Coursera you need to pay individually for each course you want to take. While Netflix business model is that of monthly subscription.

Because of the above reasons you see college students search for Coursera student discount to help them take the courses they want at cheaper rates.

How to Access Coursera Student Discount

There are a few options on how you can get to access various courses on a discount or completely free, even if they are not designated as Coursera student discount. The following are ways of getting Coursera courses for free or at discounted rates as a student.

Coursera Financial Aids

College students who are looking for Coursera student discount can easily go for Coursera financial aid instead. And it will serve exactly the same purpose of searching Coursera student discount.

So what is Coursera financial aid?

Coursera financial aid is a scholarship program designed by Coursera to assist anyone who cannot afford any particular course to still be able to enrol.

If you can’t afford to pay for a particular Certificate course, you can apply for Financial Aid and either get the course for a discounted rate (equivalent to Coursera student discount) or completely free (equivalent of Coursera scholarship). It is important to know that financial aid applies to specific courses. What this means is that if you apply for a financial aid and it is approved you can only use it on that particular course for which the application is made.

Students with Financial Aid in a course will be able to access all of the course content and complete all work required to earn a Course Certificate.

Who can apply for financial aid?

Anyone who is unable to pay for the course is free to apply for financial aid. However, there are certain requirement one have to meet to be able to apply for financial aid.

Some of the requirements include but not limited to:

  • Filling out an application that includes information about your educational background, career goals, and financial circumstances
  • Agreeing to abide by the code of conduct of Coursera

Note that a chief consideration for granting financial aid has to do with the assumption that the individual can’t afford the course. So in filling out your details this has to reflect on you stated annual income.

How to apply for financial aid

Below is a step by step guide on how to easily apply for Coursera financial aid:

Step 1: The first step is to open to

Step 2: Search out the exact course for which you want to apply for financial aid

Step 3: Visit the course page of the course for which you want to apply for financial aid

Step 4: Next to the information on financial aid, click on Learn more and apply

Step 5: Fill out the application form and submit (ensure that the application form is a minimum of 150 words)

That is basically all you have to do. It is that simple. After submitting the application, you will need to wait for Coursera to review the application and get back to you. Whether it is approved or not, you will get an email to that effect.

If your application is approved you just got an aid which can be 100% and much better than any Coursera student discount you could have ask for.

Are they other Ways of Getting Coursera Student Discount?

My recommendation is to always go with the financial aid. However, you can also explore other options like the free trial which lets you try a paid learning program for free.

There are also courses for students and courses for enterprise which students seeking Coursera student discount can decide to explore.

Is Coursera Student Discount Available in Nigeria

We have said that there is no direct Coursera student discount. However, financial aid is a perfect alternative. And it is available to students anywhere in the world. So even students in Nigeria can apply for Coursera financial aid.

How to Apply for Coursera Student Discount – Wrapping it Up

The easiest and most popular way of getting Coursera student discount is to apply for financial aid. Financial aid allows you get a certificate course even if you can’t afford to pay for it.



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