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How Do Bloggers Make Money

How to Make Money from Blogging -12 Proven ways

How to make money from blogging. This has been a regular question on the lips of many people who are considering venturing into blogging. Even though blogging has become a very big business for individuals and bloggers alike with some persons raking millions of dollars monthly from blogging, yet other are yet to come to terms with how to make money from blogging.

Before I go ahead to share with you how to make money from blogging let me first state that blogging isn’t all about making money. There is more to blogging than just making money. In fact here are 20 biggest benefits of blogging other than money. In fact when blogging started it was particularly a fulfilling hobby – a great way to express one’s passion for a particular subject.

So, back to how to make money from blogging.  Whether you are blogging as a side hustle or as a full-time career you can make money from it. So in today’s blog post I will give you 12 proven ways of making money from blogging.

12 Proven Ways of Making Money From Blogging

1. Google AdSense

The first way of making money from blogging is through Google AdSense. It is probably the most common in most circles. Google can pay you for your blog contents and this is how it works. As you keep blogging and continue to grow your audience you can apply to Google for an Adsense Account and if it is approved Google will start placing ads on your blog and as people visit your blog and click on the ads you get paid. The truth is that what Google Adsense pays you is quite small that you are not likely to depend on it except you have insanely high volume of traffic. So it is always better to consider other areas of monetization also.

However, you can live on Google AdSense if your blog command good traffic.I have met many bloggers that earn in excess of $20k monthly from AdSense alone.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The second way to make money from blogging is through Affiliate Marketing. For most niches, this is one of the most lucrative income sources of making money from blogging. But then again it works well for those who are big time bloggers. If you can get a good affiliate product you can earn as high as $50 to $100 per sign up and they are some affiliate programmes that don’t just make a one off payment but keeps paying you each time the customer renews for that service. If you are looking for a good affiliate product to start with I will just recommend that you head straight to Amazon Associate and select from the numerous products on offer there.

3. Sell of Ad Space

Most bloggers start with this. Even if your blog is not yet boasting of monthly traffic that runs into hundreds of thousands or millions you can still earn from this. The only thing is that you have to keep your charge modest and increase it as the traffic grows. And the good thing is that you can sell or rent out almost any space on your blog from the header to the footer.

Talking about this just reminded me of an encounter I had some time in the past. I was promoting a particular programme and I decided to reach out to a local blogger in Imo State with about 11,000 visitors to his blog. I wanted him to put up my banner on his blog. And he said the least he will collect was 25 Thousand Naira as at then. Linda Ikeji has Glo and GTB banner ads almost permanently on her blog and the least each of them pay per month is One million naira. So you have an idea of how people charge for this.

4. Create and Sell your own Digital Products

Technology has made life so easy today. If you have any idea you can easily get simple software out there to use and create your own products and sell them to your blog readers. Whether it is an e-book, internet radio, internet television, downloadable music or any other form of digital product your blog can be a big market for it.

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5. Consultancy Services

This works more for people that are blogging on specialized subject areas as opposed to those just running gossip blogs. For example, if you run a blog that teaches on how to start and grow one’s business most of your readers will soon need more depths and specific areas of help and knowing you as an authority on that subject through your blog you easily become their first option while looking for a consultant. For me, this is the biggest advantage of running a blog – it projects you as an expert in your field.

6. Sale of Online Courses

You can decide that rather than host your courses on third party platforms like Udemy or Teachable that you prefer to host it directly on your blog and that is very possible. If your blog is built with WordPress they have plugins such as LearnDash and Zippy Courses that can help you get that done and as people visit your blog they may just decide to purchase those courses also.

7. Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is a blog post a company pays you to publish on your blog and usually there will be a mention of the said company in the post. So as you build up your blog, expect to receive multiple sponsored post requests from time to time. You are at liberty to fix your price for such sponsored posts depending on the number of visitors your blog attracts. Just make sure the posts are actually interesting and relevant to your audience so that it doesn’t put them off and make you lose them, and also ensure that there is a full disclosure that the post is sponsored and not necessarily your personal opinion.

8. Paid Membership

You can gate some of your best, interesting and most valuable contents behind a paywall and offer access to it at a monthly fee. With this only paid members can have access to it. Personally, I have stumbled on many articles online but on wanting to read more I will discover that it is only available to paid members of that blog.

Usually it is advisable to first give away a part of that and gate it at the most interesting point so that your audience can have a feel of what they are missing if they fail to get the full content. The only thing I can add here is that with the amount of free information out there, anything you are placing a fee on should be really worth it. You can get your own paywall set up in just few minutes or less using a plugin like MemberPress or Paid Memberships Pro on WordPress Blog.

9. Write Ebooks

I think this is another very obvious, very popular and yet powerful revenue stream for bloggers. So if you have an in-depth knowledge in any particular niche or subject-matter then consider packaging it as an Ebook and sell on you blogs. Though I am not particularly a fan of very short books or pamphlets in the name of books, but I have seen people sell less than 30 page books for as much as $4.5 or 2,500 naira. If your book is of premium quality then you can expect to sell up to 1,000 copies monthly depending on the number of audience your blog has.

10. Product Review

You can reach out to relevant businesses and offer to review their products or services for a fee. It is even possible for you can even make the review process an interactive one to give the company opportunity to get instant feedback on what potential customers are saying about the product or service. You need to make it clear to them that your review is going to be very objective as this is a review and not a promotion. In the end, even if the review isn’t positive the company would have still gained if they are positive minded as they would have seen areas to improve. Finally, also mention that even a positive review will not guarantee immediate sell so that no one will accuse you or collecting their money in false presence.

11. Coaching Services

This is closely related to consulting services and in fact most people always mistake them to be the same thing, but they are not. Coaching is usually more of a one-on-one service at while consulting is generally provided to organizations or teams. Another major difference is that whereas coaching has a defined outline or schedule that has to be covered consulting comes on request and as the need arises. So as an expert in your field of blogging put together a range of packages you can offer as coaching services such as hourly sessions, DIY packages, or unlimited email advice packages.

12. Take Your Expertise Offline

Ladies and gentlemen, your blogging business is an online business and will earn you millions of naira or even dollars online, but don’t limit yourself to that. You may just be surprised how much you can also make offline if you leverage the knowledge, expertise and influence you have built from your blog to offer services offline as a public speaker, presenter or trainer.

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