Investment Plan


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Investment Plan
Development of Investment Plan – a sample guide

In 2016 as a young entrepreneur, I stumbled on an idea of starting an innovative intra-city transport company in the city of Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. I did a bankable business plan that shows that the business will by all metrics be a huge success.

What is an Investment Plan?

Many people know about a business plan, but very few people know about an investment plan. And this is the reason so many entrepreneurs struggle to raise the capital their business needs to grow beyond the shadow of death.

Investment Plan development service is a proprietary service of The Kachi Ogbonna Brand designed to help entrepreneurs secure investment for new or existing businesses. An Investment Plan contains a comprehensive revenue forecast of the business and most importantly an irresistible offer to whoever wants to invest in the business.

Who Needs an Investment Plan?

Is an Investment Plan for every entrepreneur? The answer is no. Who then needs an Investment Plan?

1. Anyone with an idea bigger than him or herself

2. Anyone who wants to start a business but does not have all the money needed to fund that business

3. Anyone with an ongoing business but needs more funding to scale or expand it.

4. Most importantly anyone with the character to attract and manage other peoples’ money faithfully.

Why do You Need an Investment Plan?

You might be asking, why do I need an investment plan when I already have a business plan?

I will explain to you.

1. It is an Investment Plan that makes an offer to prospective investors

2. An Investment Plan shows the true potential of your business

3. It helps you make a definite commitment of your payment plan in the case of a loan investment

Why Should You Trust our Investment Plan Development Services?

We have started many businesses through extending funding and we know exactly what it takes to win investors trust and make them pull out the paycheck. Most outstandingly is our ability to attract over 61 million naira and grow HTS Shuttle Services from 5 vehicles to 40 vehicles in 14 months.

What to Expect From The Investment Plan

1. A detail analysis of the total capital needed for your business

2. The weekly, monthly and annual revenue analysis of your business

3. Fully developed payment plan with options of weekly, monthly or annual payment

4. At least 4 suggestions of investment options through which your business will get any amount of funding needed

What is Your Investment for an Investment Plan Development?

For us, getting an Investment plan through our investment plan development services is a huge investment. And the ROI is almost instant.

So how much will be your investment to access this service?

Our comprehensive investment plan development services starts is N250,000 if you already have a business plan and N400,000 if you want us to do it along with the business plan.

Chat us on 09080293564 (WhatsApp) today to get an invoice for your payment.

Mode of Delivery 

Your complete investment plan will be delivered in three formats:

1. Two neatly bound hard copies to be delivered to you anywhere (within Nigeria) – all cost on us.

2. A PDF format to your email

3. An MS Word format also to your email.

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