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Kachi Ogbonna is a cerebral author and prolific blog writer. He writes and teaches on the subject of entrepreneurship. His key focus is on business ideas and how innovative brands emerge. Kachi’s books are easy to understand and fun to read.

His writing has given birth to three major books. The three major books by Kachi Ogbonna are:


The book was published in 2016 and the foreword was by Prof. Pat Utomi

How They Started is a 252 page entrepreneurship masterclass. It is a unique book and the first of its kind in Nigeria to profile the journey of the big and innovative brands in Nigeria directly from the founders themselves.


This is another powerful book by Kachi Ogbonna published in 2018

Central Bank of Ideas is a 211 page reserviour of innovative business solutions that can transform the life of individuals, corporate organizations and government institutions in the 21st century. The book is a must read for anyone who is looking for an opportunity to make an indelible mark in his generation through entrepreneurship.

Beyond the 66 unique business ideas each worth millions of dollar in the hands of ruthless and strategic executors, the book also teaches a mindset and way of thinking that is able to help you discover bigger opportunity where others see none. To guide you better, you will see the ideas in sections of various sectors.


This is yet another book by Kachi Ogbonna which was published in 2021.

Wealth has never been democratized in the history of mankind as much as it is today. There is literally no limitation or boundary to creating wealth in this 21st century. Time has gone when your age, gender, background, location or race can count against you when it comes to wealth creation. Today, a 9 year old Ryan Kaji is the highest earning Youtuber in the world. In 2021 alone he earned $29.5 million from 41.7 million subscribers in his channel Ryan’s World. Kids from Asia and remote areas in Africa are doing amazing stuff globally in technology, medicine etc.

Blue Ocean Ideas will show you unique ideas that can stand you out anywhere in the world. In fact, these are ideas that can help you create wealth irrespective of your location.

If you are serious about building a business especially in Nigeria Kachi Ogbonna’s book is something you need to read. The books are quite insightful and fun to read.

The books promises to change your life and your finance. However, you must commit to implementing the knowledge in the books to get the results.

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