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That help you surpass your sales target

Marketing Plan
Sales and Marketing Plan

To write a marketing and sales plan that will help you surpass your sales target, you need to have a clear understanding of target market. You equally need to understand the demographic spread of the market. Finally you need to know all the players in the industry; their strengths and weaknesses and gauge your possible market share.

Our experience shows that we easily understand these concepts and will write a marketing plan that gets you the results.

But first, let’s get the basic:

What Is A Marketing And Sales  Plan?

A marketing and sales plan is a business document that details first, your sales objectives and then the strategies you tend to adopt to achieve those objectives. It usually also contains timeline for achieving every given objective.

It helps to align, guide and coordinate your marketing campaigns and activities. And by so doing it helps you maximise your marketing budget.

Together with the weekly work plan it serves as a charter to guide your marketing team on their daily activities and the expected results.

Why Do You Need A Marketing And Sales Plan?

A marketing and sales plan make sales easier for you. When you target your ideal customer more smartly, you reduce marketing costs and increase your chances of converting leads into sales.

That is precisely what we will help you do here with a sales plan. We will ensure that we analyze your competitors and develop winning strategies that will give you a competitive advantage.

The buyer is now empowered, so the importance of an indispensable customer experience can no longer be overemphasized. Therefore, tomorrow’s success is already determined since it hinges on a truly orchestrated effort built on a solid strategy.

With a marketing and sales plan you no longer play go the gallery, neither is there any trials and errors with you.

  1. We will outline your sales strategies and tactics
  2. We will identify your target market
  3. The demographic spread of the market
  4. We will craft the value proposition of your brand
  5. We will look at the campaigns to be initiated
  6. We will look at metrics to assess the effectiveness of the marketing initiative.
  7. We will provide strategic direction for your sales team.
  8. Outline roles and responsibilities for your sales team and leadership.
  9. You will get social media strategy
  10. Lead generation strategy
  11. Offline media strategy
  12. Weekly work plan for your sales team

Who Needs A Marketing And Sales Plan?

  • Anyone interested in starting any type of company in any country and any industry.
  • Anyone who want to increase their sales and marketing effort.
  • Anyone working at a company that wants to launch a new product and or a new service.
  • Any business that wants to make the most of their marketing budget

To grow in your business, you need to be intentional about the actions you take. With our marketing and sales plan, you will be on the growth path.

Write that marketing and sales plan today and get the exact results you crave. Stop procrastinating.

We have over 12 years of experience in running businesses. We have written and read hundreds of marketing and sales plans, so we know what will get you the results you desire.

On our part, we have executed the most impactful marketing campaigns for our businesses which is evident in our growth.

Our marketing plans will move your business to the level it wants to be.

What We Need To Write Your Sales And Marketing Plan

Once we finalize about the price over email: or WhatsApp: 09080293564, you will go ahead and make payment.

Once you engage us, we will schedule a meeting where we get inputs and insights about your marketing and sales objectives.

After the meeting, we will work together to write a compelling marketing and sales plan. You will get your marketing plan typically within 14 working days of engagement.

Your complete marketing plan will be delivered over you as both PDF and MS word document in your email.

For us, getting a marketing plan is not just a mere business activity, but a huge investment. And the ROI is always one of the best you can think of.

So how much will be your investment to access our marketing?

Our comprehensive marketing plan starts from N250,000 and ranges to N1,000,000 depending on the industry. However, if you are a first time customer we give it to you at a flat rate of N150,000 irrespective of the industry.

Chat us on 09080293564 (WhatsApp) today to get an invoice for your payment.

Our Bonus Offer

For businesses that are just starting and don’t have any physical office we offer our fully furnished office space for free.

We also develop a well tailored KPI for various departments of your company.

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