Why You Need a Blog – 20 Benefits of Blogging

Whereas there was hardly anything like blogging two decades ago today there are over 500 million blogs. And on a daily basis millions of posts are updated to the internet across the world. But there many people that struggle to understand the benefits of blogging or why so many people blog on a daily basis. […]

How to Start a Football Academy in Nigeria (2022)

Football has become a very lucrative business in the world today. Top entrepreneurs are now investing massively because of the potential they see in the game. The mere fact that one footballer can earn as high as $300k in a week should tell you that there is money in the game. So if a single […]


  Are you a talented football player in Nigeria and you aspire to play on the intentional level? Do you want to become the next Jay Jay Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo, Mikel Obi, Kelechi Iheanacho etc. Then your best chance of making it is to join one of the best football academies in Nigeria. Joining one […]

Meet Nigerian Youths That Have Made Millions through NFTs

Whethere you accept it or not NFTs have come to stay. And several young Nigerians are cashing out as some of them have gone ahead to make some cool millions selling NFTs on various marketplaces. You too can join other young Nigerians in making millions from NFTs. But the first step will have to do […]

How to start palm oil business in Nigeria (2022)

Palm oil business in Nigeria is one of the lucrative businesses anyone can venture into. But it is not just in Nigeria alone but also anywhere else in the world. The reason for this is because of the diverse uses and also the high ROI it commands. Contrary to general belief that palm oil business […]

Perfect Example of a Sachet Water Business Plan for 2022

Sachet water business is one of the most lucrative businesses anyone can start right now in Nigeria. No matter how difficult things are, water remains one thing people cannot do without. From motor parks to markets you see people hawking water on a daily basis.  Today I want to give you a complete example of […]

Why Elon Musk Bought Twitter at All Cost

Why Elon Musk Bought Twitter? Elon Musk, the wealthiest man on earth on Monday secured the $44 billion cquisition of popular social media platform Twitter. From the day he submitted his first bid he has maintained that he wants to use the platform to promote free speech and democracy across the world. But could there […]