What is a Tie-in Agreement in Real Estate? Detailed Guide 2023

What is a tie-in agreement in real estate? What is a Tie-in Agreement in Real Estate? – Introduction A tie-in agreement in real estate refers to a contractual arrangement between two parties, typically a landowner and a developer or builder. This agreement is designed to ensure that certain conditions are met before the landowner transfers […]

What Happens to Real Estate During Stagflation?

I have heard many emerging realtors asking the question of what happens to real estate during stagflation. I consider this a crucial question not just for real estate professionals but for investors as well. And I am not just going to share what happens to real estate during stagflation but also what causes it and […]

What is Buy Box in Real Estate?

What is buy box in real estate? As a real estate agent or professional one of the things that is going to give you an edge over others in the field is to be very conversant with key terms and terminologies in the industry. You have to invest in understanding important terms that will help […]

18 Ways to Make Money Blogging as a Banker

10 popular ways to make money blogging as a Banker I recently started a series on how to make money blogging as a professional. The first in that series is How to make money blogging as a medical doctor. Of course the feedback has been amazing and some people are taking actions already. Today, the […]

10 Practical Ways to Make Money Blogging as a Medical Doctor

10 practical ways to make money blogging as a medical doctor and it won’t affect your job. I have always maintained that those gossip Bloggers you see making thousands of dollars per month are not the real deal. Blogging should actually be for professionals. I mean people that have core values to offer other than […]

Duolingo Business Model – How it Makes Money (2023)

Duolingo business model – How does Duolingo make money? Duolingo is a language learning platform that uses gamification techniques to make learning a new language fun and engaging. When Duolingo started out, it gave the premium experience of an ad-free application for free. This is something that is very rare. This therefore leads to the […]

10 Types of Shameless Marketing to Avoid

Types of shameless marketing to avoid. How far are you willing to go in your marketing efforts? What are you willing to do and what are your boundaries? Do you even have boundaries at all? Every entrepreneur knows that in today’s highly competitive business world, marketing is more important than ever. Companies and brands use […]

Top 10 Earners on Vimeo

Top 10 earners on Vimeo Vimeo is a video-sharing platform that allows users to upload, share, and sell their videos online.  of people has compared Vimeo with YouTube because both platform helps video creators make money from their video contents. But Vimeo and YouTube are not exactly the same. In fact, I have done a […]