Peter Obi Raises Over 25 billion Naira for 2023 Elections

Peter Obi raises over 25 billion naira for 2023 elections in just 2 weeks.

The most popular name on the lips of every Nigerian right now is Mr. Peter Obi. And rightly so. Every average Nigerian is willing to support Peter Obi’s Presidential ambition. However, many are sincerely worried about how he will be able to fund the process. And those that are worried are justified for many reasons?

Why are People Worried About How Peter Obi will Fund The Election?

  • There are 176,846 polling units across the 774 local government areas in Nigeria
  • At 20,000 naira per polling unit it will not take anything less than 3.5 billion naira to mobilise agents across all the polling units on election day
  • There is need for widespread voters’ education and enlightenment and there will be need for money to do this
  • Peter Obi’s Labour Party currently doesn’t have offices across all the local government areas in Nigeria
  • They Nigeria election law says that no presidential candidate should spend more than 5 billion on election campaign yet it is clear that no one has ever spent less than 500 billion naira to become president according to Doyin Okupe, a former Presidential Spokesman.
  • There is need to have strong monitoring team to counter the rigging plans of the opponents
  • Peter Obi has never stolen public fun and therefore does not have unlimited resources like some of the people who he will be contesting against in other parties.

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But There is No Need for Alarm

Yes, it is okay to be concerned about how to raise the money to fun all of these. Nigerians in Nigeria and in diaspora are rising up for Peter Obi. Those who genuinely seek for a better Nigeria are behind Peter Obi and even when there is need to donate money people are sending money already.

So far, Peter Obi has reportedly raised over 25 billion naira for this cause already.  This is according to a report from a popular Social Media Influencer. And the truth is that more are coming as we speak.

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Peter Obi Raises Over 25 Billion Naira For 2023 – Those Who Has Donated

Peter Obi Raises Over 25 Billion Naira for 2023
Peter Obi Raises Over 25 Billion Naira for 2023

In less than 2 weeks after his formal declaration to run for the election under Labour Party Peter Obi has raised over 25 billion naira to support his presidential campaign.

1. Peter Obi Support Network – Over N2.5billion raised already.

2. Prince Arthur Eze pledges $3 million

3. Innoson Motors pledges 1.5 billion naira

4. Obi Cubana pledges 500 million naira

5. Ibeto pledges 1 billion naira

6. Ekulu pledges 1 billion naira

7. A consertium of commercial banks in Nigeria pledges 10 billion naira

8. A diaspora Support Group pledges $15 million

9. Gaius Chibueze pledges 10 million naira

This totals to over 25.5 billion naira already.

With your support Peter Obi as a president of Nigeria will become a reality.

Some Nigerian youths are currently making millions from trading NFTs, if we have a forward thinking and economically astute man like Peter Obi, Nigerian youths will do even better.

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