Peter Obi Seriously Understudying Egyptian Economy (Pictures)

Peter Obi Seriously Understudying Egyptian Economy

Peter Obi Seriously Understudying the Egyptian Economy 

Two days ago we told you that Peter Obi left Nigeria on a 3 day visit to Egypt. According to a message released on both his Facebook and Twitter handles he said that the visit was to study the Egyptian economy. He further stated that it was part of his study  comparable countries to Nigeria.

Among the sectors Obi listed that he was going to study are Power, Education, Planning as well as Finance.

Today, pictures have emerged of Peter Obi seriously studying the various sectors of the Egyptian economy.

Nigerians are seriously hoping that this trip further prepares Peter Obi should he emerge as the president come 2023.

Nigeria is seriously in need of someone who can turn the economy around.

Here are some of the pictures of Peter Obi while in Egypt for your viewing pleasure.

Peter Obi been taken round by some Egyptian Officials
Peter Obi listening to some explanations
Peter Obi listening to some explanations as he is seriously understudying the Egyptian Economy
Like an Obedient student he watches with keen interest
Like an Obedient student Peter Obi watches with keen interest as he is seriously Understudying the Egyptian Economy
A man on a mission
Peter Obi Seriously Understudying the Egyptian Economy

Peter Obi is one of the front-line candidates for the office of the president in the forthcoming 2023 general elections. He is the flag bearer of Labour Party.

Many young people view him as one of the few aspirants that understand economic principle and with the real capacity to make policies that will revive the Nigeria economy. And indeed 2023 election promises to be an interesting one with a PVC revolution currently going on. In fact, it appears Nigeria will witness the highest voters turn out since the return of democracy.

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