Presbyterian Church of Nigeria (PCN) Charges Members on PVC

PCN charges members on PVC.

The PVC revolution sweeping across the country doesn’t seem to be abating in any form. The awareness for 2023 general election has been on the increase with different groups and organizations mobilizing and encouraging their members to go get their PVC.

PCN Charges Members on PVC

The latest in the list is the  leadership of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria (PCN). The church has charge her members to get their PVCs in readiness for the 2023 General election in Nigeria.

The information was contained in an official release signed by The Principle Clerk of the Church, Most Rev. Miracle Ajah PhD. In his message he reminded members of the church that their prayers and their votes go together.

PCN Charges Members on PVC
PCN Charges Members on PVC

He went further to encourage all Parish Ministers to sensitize their members on what he described as a very important issue.

You will recall that many churches have been facilitating the ease of PVC registration by arranging registration points at accessible centers across the country. Some students groups and market unions are also providing free transportation for their members to ensure that no one has any excuse for not registering.

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The revolution shows that Nigerians are becoming more politically aware. And that more people will be involved in the selection of who rules the country come 2023.

The Implication of 2023 Presidential Election

Why are people having so much interest in 2023 general election?

The way more people are getting involved in the process of electing a competent leader come 2023 might not be unconnected with peoples’ desire to turn around the economy of the country which has been on a downward spiral in the last couple of years.

The expectation is that if the right candidate emerges the economy of the most populous black nation on earth will be revived.

So far the leading candidates have been Atiku Abubakar of Peoples Democratic Party, and Peter Obi of Labour Party. While all eyes are now on APC as they get set to select their delegate in the ongoing convention holding in Abuja.

Whatever be the case, it promises to be an interesting race. In fact, this might be the most unpredictable election in Nigeria since the return of democracy in 1999.

Meanwhile, do well and go and get your PVC. It is your civic obligation and you should not disenfranchise yourself.

Finally, do not sell your vote. Because whatever amount any politician will give you now might be all you will get for the next 4 years. Choose good governance. Vote your conscience.

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