Central Bank of Ideas is a 211 page reserviour of innovative business solutions that can transform the life of individuals, corporate organizations and government institutions in the 21st century. The book is a must read for anyone who is looking for an opportunity to make an indelible mark in his generation through entrepreneurship.

Beyond the 66 unique business ideas each worth millions of dollar in the hands of ruthless and strategic executors, the book also teaches a mindset and way of thinking that is able to help you discover bigger opportunity where others see none.

The book is divided into 3 parts.  Part one captioned THE UNEMPLOYMENT CRISIS has three chapters that deals with the issue of unemployment in Nigeria and other developing countries from the very root. It presents an empirical prove of while graduate unemployment is on the rise, how government can tackle it and how every single undergraduate can escape unemployment even before graduation.

The second part titled WHERE DOES WEALTH COME FROM also has three chapters and presents a very practical approach to discovering big business opportunities anywhere and from any situation. Kachi makes a compelling case that there are billion dollar opportunities available to Nigerians yet only very few are able to spot them, and he gave several case studies as a proof of this. The most potent take away in this part is how The Governor of Central Bank of Ideas used one chapter to explain how one can build any business simply by having an idea, even if the person doesn’t have money.

Part three is the central message of the book and is titled BANK OF IDEAS.  This is further divided into 8 chapters with each chapter presenting business ideas in a particular industry.

Chapter 7 contains 10 blue ocean ideas that could potentially turn you to a self-made millionaire if you follow the step by step approach recommended by Kachi.

Chapter 8 contains 14 business ideas in the Agricultural sector and the step by step approach on how to execute each of them.

Chapter 9 contains 8 specific and tailor-made ideas in the e-commerce industry that all you need do is plug into it and you have a business. This particular chapter is purely Kachi doing all the thinking for you and leaving you just to execute.

Chapter 10 deals with 12 simple ideas in the Media/Communication/Entertainment Industry. If you love entertainment, then this is an opportunity for you to build mega business out of what you enjoy.

Chapter 11 has 5 ideas in the Financial Sector. Whether you are a fresh accounting, banking and finance graduate or you are a professional working in any finance related firm and you have been thinking of how to build your own business either by the side or on full-time basis, then you must read this chapter.

Chapter 12 is about Educational related business and there are 8 solid ideas Kachi gave to you on how you can build unique and innovative schools

Chapter 13 is probably the most powerful chapter in this book and the reason is obvious – it deals with Technological ideas. It highlights 8 ideas that will rule the world in the next 100 years, if you plug in today, you could easily be among the next set of wealthiest men in the world.

That is not all, I gave you 2 EXTRA, you are not paying a dime for this, but it is something you can start 24 hours after reading this book and in 6 months you are made.


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