PVC Revolution: Nigerian Youths Shut Opara Square (Video)

INEC is currently witnessing PVC Revolution

There is a serious PVC revolution currently sweeping across the whole country in Nigeria. From the East, to the West, North to the South people are doing everything possible to ensure that they get their PVC.

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What is PVC?

PVC is the short form for Permanent Voters Card. It is the official and approved tool through which Nigerians can exercise their franchise as the general election of 2023 draws near. Without a PVC no Nigerian can vote in the election of 2023. The PVC is issued by the Independent  National Electoral Commission which is the electoral umpire for all government elections in Nigeria.

PVC Revolution: Nigerian Youths Shut Down Opara Square

As the ongoing PVC revolution in the country continues Voice of The East reporter monitored a situation in Opara Square Enugu. Youths numbering thousands were seen in very long queues that stretches beyond the square. Our investigation shows that all of them are there because they want to secure their own PVC.

Some of the youths which spoke with reporters at Opara Square said they want to take advantage of the extension granted by INEC to ensure that they get their PVC.

To get your voters card visit INEC registration portal.

It is also possible to transfer your PVC to a nearby polling unit if you have changed location from where you registered originally.

How to Transfer Your PVC to a Nearby Polling Unit

You can simply transfer your PVC to a nearby polling unit without going to join endless queue in INEC office. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

Go to
1. cvr.inecnigeria.org
2. Services
3. Voter Transfer
4. Create account with your email address
5. Login with your email
6. Open the link sent to you in your email
7. Fill out the form provided and your new address
8. Go through your application to be sure no mistake
9. Save as instructed.
10. Use your phone to snap and upload 2 of your photos (First photo with serious face and the second with smiling face)
11. Submit
12. Wait for when it is ready and INEC send you message (on your phone and or your email) where to pick your card (around your new place of abode).

Have you gotten your PVC? If you don’t disenfranchise yourself no one will. So don’t disenfranchise yourself. Get your PVC today.


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