Meet Sophia Ogbonna – The Youngest Employee in Nigeria

Sophia Ogbonna - Youngest Employee in the world


Have you heard about the kid wonder by name Sophia Ogbonna, also known as Sophia D Kidpreneur? Chances are that you have as she has literary set the internet on fire in the last few weeks. But if you have not, this post is meant to share with you about Sophia and everything you need to know about her.

The Youngest Employee in Nigeria

On July 27, 2023 a six year old kid sensation by name was all over the internet. And what was the news all about? She just got a formal job offer in a country where many graduates are not guaranteed of job. But Sophia got an offer as the Family Support Assistant (FSA) following her impressive show and sense of responsibility at home.

In the offer letter which was published by several media houses and blogs, Sophia job descriptions are as follows:

  1. Washing of all the plates used in the house daily.
  2. Sweeping of the house daily.
  3. Arranging the children’s room daily.
  4. Arranging of daddy’s books regularly.

The letter also disclosed that Sophia shall be entitled to monthly stipend to encourage her efforts.

The father Mr. Kachi Ogbonna who is a child entrepreneurship advocate said that offering Sophia a job at that tender age is meant to help her develop a high sense of responsibility and equally get to learn financial literacy.

A Kidpreneur

Sophia Ogbonna the kidpreneur
Sophia Ogbonna the kidpreneur

But Sophia Ogbonna isn’t just an employee. She is also a kidpreneur. At age six she has started her own business by setting up a YouTube Channel were she educates both children and adults on entrepreneurship concepts using simple terms that anyone can understand.

A charismatic speaker and presenter Sophia Ogbonna said she believes that children are very creative beings and if given the opportunity can provide solutions to certain societal problems.

A Violinist

Sophia is also a Violin enthusiast and currently undergoing training to become an expert Violinist.


Sophia Ogbonna as a pioneer kidpreneur in Nigeria is demonstrating by her exploits that children has a lot to offer the society. It is therefore a challenge to parents to learn to give their children opportunity to express themselves through their various gifts and skills.




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