How to Identify Business Opportunities With Examples

How to Identify Business Opportunities With Examples Merriam Webster dictionary defined opportunity as a favorable juncture of circumstances. You can also describe it as a chance to take advantage of a situation. Opportunities apply to almost every aspect of our lives, including in career, sports, business, etc. Opportunity can be the difference between winners and […]

Importance of Entrepreneurship in a Modern Economy

Importance of Entrepreneurship in a Modern Economy. The statistics reveal that in USA economy nearly half a million small enterprise is established every year. Our country is not an exception in this regard. Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs are gift to any country. And no profession impacts the economy of a nation as much as entrepreneurship does. […]

Why Do People Become Entrepreneurs?

Why Do People Become Entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurship has become so common today. millions of people are becoming entrepreneurs by the day. In fact, as at 2022 there are about 31 million entrepreneurs in US and 582 million entrepreneurs in the world. But it is not everyone that become entrepreneur that do so for the same reason. […]

12 Core Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship has become a buzz word in the 21st century. This is probably as a result of the successes recorded by some great entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates etc. Another possible reason could also be the high rate of unemployment sweeping different countries.¬† In fact, graduate […]

Skill Acquisition: Definition, Stages, Types and Importance

Skill acquisition has become a buzz world among young people today. Probably because the increased awareness of entrepreneurship. And of course one way of becoming an entrepreneur is to build a business around one’s skill. So this has led many people into trying to gain one skill or the other. In fact in a country […]


There is no doubt that the people of South East Nigeria who are predominantly Igbos are known for their industry and entrepreneurial spirit. They seem to be blessed with this natural flair for business and enterprise ability.¬† And they largely practice a business model that has come to be known as Igbo apprenticeship system (IAS). […]