ALDI Business Model – What Makes Aldi Sell so Cheap?

Aldi business model – the revolutionary discount store Most supermarkets and grocery stores are known for selling their products at huge discounts. But when you talk about discount one company pioneered it. There is one company that is famous for offering discounts. And that company is Aldi of Germany. Aldi with its revolutionary business model […]

Amazon vs Alibaba Business Models: Similarities and Differences

Amazon vs. Alibaba Business Models: An Overview, the differences and the similarities When you think of making purchases online, 2 names more than anyone else quickly come to mind – Amazon and Alibaba.  Both are giants when it comes to the eCommerce industry. As a business model, eCommerce or online marketplace is one of the […]

Netflix Business Model – How Does Netflix Make Money?

Examing and reviewing the scintillating and thrilling Netflix business model and how they make money. If you are having a conversation with a group of friends and you mention a series you watched, it is not likely that anyone will ask you ‘where’? Almost everyone that hear you will automatically assume you are referring to […]

Types of Business Models and How To Choose The Best For an Idea

Types of business models and how to choose what best suits your idea – follow me. Business Model is the way a company creates value, captures value, delivers value and make profit from the value created. It is the basic foundation upon which any business structure is built. Any entrepreneur with a view of building […]