Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans 2023 – Who & Who Makes The List?

Top Earners in OnlyFans

Top 10 earners on OnlyFans – who makes the list and who misses out?

Onlyfans have become one of the most lucrative platforms for content creators to earn money online. One of the biggest attraction to the platform is the fact that the power is in the hand of the creators. They can have their contents behind a paywall such that before anyone can access any of them such a person will have to pay.

There is also this uncommon 80% share of the revenue earned on the platform, with OnlyFans taking just 20%.

Of course there are people who are attracted by the lack of restrictions to the kinds of contents that can be shared on the platform. This is a particular attraction for people who love sharing erotic and explicit sex pictures. And because of the high rate of such contents on the platform, many have come to erroneously view OnlyFans as a porn site. But no, it is not. There are many other top earners on OnlyFans who are into other niches.

In today’s blog post I will share the top 10 earners on OnlyFans, the amount they earn and their respective niches.

Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans

Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans
Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans

There is no doubt that onlyFans is a good place to monetize one’s knowledge or expertise as a creator. Though research shows that majority of OnlyFans accounts makes less than $500 monthly, but there are some mega accounts that earn more. Some earn thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. In fact, there are few creators that 7 figure on a monthly basis on OnlyFans.

Below are the top 10 earners on OnlyFans and how much they earn. Hopefully, the list will inspire you to do more and to earn more on OnlyFans.

1.  Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans – Blac Chyna

Estimated Earnings: $20 million/month 

Blac Chyna is the first on the list of top earners on OnlyFans
Blac Chyna is the first on the list of top earners on OnlyFans

Angela Renée White, popularly known as Blac Chyna is by some miles the highest earner on OnlyFans. In fact, Blac Chyna earns almost double what the second person on the list does in a month.

The 34-year-old American model, reality star, and influencer charges $19.99 as her OnlyFans subscription fee.  But with over 16 million followers she is able to garner up to 20 million dollars on a monthly basis.

2.Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans – Bella Thorne

Estimated Earnings: $11 million/month

Bella Thorne is the second highest earner in OnlyFans
Bella Thorne is the second highest earner in OnlyFans

The second on the list of highest earners on OnlyFans is Bella Thorne.

The American model, actress, writer, and singer, joined OnlyFans in August 2019 and instantly made headline by earning one million dollars within her 24 hours of joining. However, as at today she makes approximately 11 million dollars per month.

3. Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans – Cardi B

Estimated Earnings: $9.43 million

Cardi B is the 3rd in the list of top earners on OnlyFans
Cardi B is the 3rd in the list of top earners on OnlyFans

Cardi B only required 6 posts to become the third highest earner on OnlyFans with a monthly earning of over 9 million dollars.. But those are just enough to help her accumulate the highest number of followers among the top earners. Her over 80 million followers means she is number one in terms of the number of followers.

4. Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans – Tyga

Estimated Earnings: $7.69 million

Tyga is the 4th on the list of top earners on OnlyFans
Tyga is the 4th on the list of top earners on OnlyFans

With over 7 million dollars per month, Micheal Ray Nguyen-Stevenson popularly known as Tyga is the 4th highest earner on OnlyFans.  The American rapper shares his music album’s behind the scenes videos. He also shares intimate photos, and more. His monthly subscription fee of $20 before he decided to delete the account with over 21 million followers.

5. Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans – Mia Khalifa

Estimated Earnings – $6.42 million/Month

Mia Khalifa is among the top earners on Onlyfans
Mia Khalifa is among the top earners on Onlyfans

The 5th highest earner on OnlyFans is Mia Khalifa. She is a Lebanese-American media personality and former adult actress.  With over 22.7 million followers on OnlyFans and a monthly subscription of $12.99 she accumulates about $6.42 million every month.

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6. Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans – Erica Mena

Estimated Earnings – $4.49 million/Month

Erica Mena is another in the list of top earners on Onlyfans
Erica Mena is another in the list of top earners on Onlyfans

Erica Mena is an American TV star, former model & video vixen. She gained 5.3 million followers after promoting her OnlyFans account on Instagram. Her monthly subscription fee of $25.99 gives her about $4.49 million/month. And that is enough to put her at number 6 on the list of top 10 OnlyFans earners way ahead of Gem 101 who is 7th.

7. Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans – Gem101

Estimated Earnings – $2.3 million/Month

Gem 101 is in the top 10 highest earners in OnlyFans
Gem 101 is in the top 10 highest earners in OnlyFans

No one among the top earners on OnlyFans charges more on monthly subscription than the $30 charged by Gem 101 account. In fact Gem101 is among the most popular OnlyFans accounts. The Black American model makes over $2.3 million/month from over a million monthly subscribers to narrowly beat Pia Mia in 8th.

8. Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans –Pia Mia

Estimated Earnings – $2.22 million

Pia Mia is one of the highest earners on OnlyFans
Pia Mia is one of the highest earners on OnlyFans

Another famous and popular name among the OnlyFans top earners is Pia Mia. She is an American singer, dancer and an actress with top notch contents on OnlyFans.

Her monthly subscription of $10 per month is relatively low compared to other top earners on OnlyFans. And that has enabled her to amasse 6.2 million OnlyFans fans within a very short while.

Her strategy of charging low subscription and maintaining a dedicated fan-base has given rise to a monthly earning of $2.2 million with a rank of the 8th top earner on OnlyFans.

9. Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans – Safaree Samuels

Estimated Earnings – $1.91 million

Safaree Samuels is one of the top earners on OnlyFans
Safaree Samuels is one of the top earners on OnlyFans

Samuels is a Jamaican-American rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and TV presenter) with over 3.2 million followers on Onlyfans. Each subscriber pays a monthly fee of $15 to watch his behind the paywall contents. From this, he earns around $1.91 million every month.

He is currently the 9th highest earner on OnlyFans.

10. Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans – Mila Mondel

Estimated Earnings – $1.5 million

Mila Mondel completes the list of the top 10 OnlyFans Earners
Mila Mondel completes the list of the top 10 OnlyFans Earners

To complete our list of top 10 earners on OnlyFans is British model Mila Mondel. She makes approximately $1.5 million monthly from her account. The naturally endowed beautiful model charges a $20 million monthly subscription fee from her 1.1 million followers.

So those are the 10 top highest earners on OnlyFans.

But how can you go from the average OnlyFans account earning less than $1,000 monthly to this kind of mega results we have seen here? It is a possible. People are doing it and you too can. But you need to know the right strategies as well as be visible enough.

By the way, I will share tips on how to increase your visibility and become a well sought after OnlyFans account.

Tips to Earn the Most Money on OnlyFans

Now that you know some of the top earners on the platform, it’s clear to see that while everyone has the ability to earn money as a creator, only a select few earn the majority of the income.

In order to join thees to earners, it goes without saying that there is work to be done. This level of success don’t happen by chance. There have to be that desire, decision, determination and discipline to work for it and to achieve it. You must create the kind of (engaging) and valuable content that works best on the platform. And such contents must have to include among other things captivating images and entertaining videos.

But success in OnlyFans goes beyond sharing sharing high-quality, valuable and engaging contents. There is more to it. You also need to know and adopt some important hacks so you can maximize your earnings on the platform.

The following are therefore tips on how to earn more money on OnlyFans:

1. Optimize Your OnlyFans Bio

As a creator, success on most social media platforms will always start from what your bio says about you. When people stumble on your account for the first time, the first thing majority of them will do is to check out your bio.

A clear and concise description of who you are and the type of content you post can be the major attraction for your target fans. No one wants to waste time around contents they are not interested in.

Also ensure whenever possible to use a memorable name for your account.

2. Post Consistently

Personally, my theme for 2023 is CONSISTENCY. I have discovered that there are few things that can accelerate your success level in any area of your career as much as consistency does. And it does apply also to OnlyFans account.

To be among the top earners on OnlyFans you must resolve to post regularly and consistently. Your fans must always have something to look forward to each time they log into their accounts.

The frequency of post depends on you. You can choose to post once a week, twice a week, three times a week or every other day. It is your decision, but as much as possible let it be consistent.

If possible, let your followers know when to expect new contents.

But mind you that if you go for long periods of time without posting anything, fans are more likely to lose interest and cancel their subscription. Yes, this is a subscription-based service and people want to get the highest value for their one once they subscribe.

3. Use Mass Messages to Offer Exclusive Content

The top 10 earners on OnlyFans don’t rely on subscriptions alone. They have others means of earning. One of them is through mas messages to fans for exclusive contents.

So rather than posting content on your feed for your future subscribers to see, simply send a message, photo, or video to all your current fans using this feature and they will pay premium for it.

4) Interact with Your Fans

In addition to posting regularly, you also need to interact with your fans. If you want to maintain your OnlyFans subscriber count.

Having conversations with fans who reach out to you is a great way of showing that you care about your subscribers and followers.

And guess what?

Everyone love been appreciated.

The more engaged your fans are, the more likely they will want to continue paying for your membership.

5) Create a Custom Welcome Message

Another way to make your subscribers feel valued is to send them a custom welcome message when they subscribe to your OnlyFans account.

This is easy to set up and you can automate the message by activating the automation feature on OnlyFans.

6. Activate Other Income Sources

There are up to 7 different ways of making money on OnlyFans, including going live and through affiliate marketing. If you really mean to be among the top earners on OnlyFans you can’t afford to take any of them for granted. The more option you give to yourself the more chances of success you have.

Conclusion on the Top 10 Earners on OnlyFans

Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne, Cardi B, Tyga, Mia Khalifa lead the list of top 10 earners on OnlyFans. Also on the list are Erica Mena, Gem 101, Pia Mia, Safaree Samuels and Mila Mondel.

But anyone can become a top earner on OnlyFans if the person is willing to put in the necessary work I have shared here.

I trust that this post inspires you to become the best you can be and make the best of the contents you create on OnlyFans.

To your success.


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