Why Introverts Make Successful Entrepreneurs Than Extroverts

Mark Zuckerberg is an example that introverts are more successful as entrepreneurs than extroverts

Why introverts make successful entrepreneurs than extroverts


I won’t be surprised if you are surprised to read the above sentence. Yes, I won’t be surprised because I know that there is this common misconception that only extroverts can succeed in business. Many people believe that because entrepreneurs are aggressive, exhibits a lot of energy and are outgoing risk-takers that it will automatically translate to business success. But how wrong that can be. The error in this misconception starts with the fact that we tend to take introverts to mean people who are cold and shy. But it is not necessarily so. Whatever an extrovert can do an introvert can do even better – albeit in their own way. What makes them different is that they tend to be more introspective and gain energy from their alone time.

So in reality introverts are actually more successful entrepreneurs than extroverts. And there are evidence to such claim.

In today’s post I will share some of the character traits of introverts that make them successful entrepreneurs:

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Traits of Introverts That Makes Them Successful Entrepreneurs

Why Introverts Make Successful Entrepreneurs Than Extroverts
Why Introverts Make Successful Entrepreneurs Than Extroverts

Below are some of the character traits that serves as a leverage making introverts more successful entrepreneurs than extroverts:

1. They are Creative Thinkers

The truth is that there is a connection between creativity and introversion. Check around you and you will confirm this. Most of the creative folks you know are not particularly noisy. And even if you look at some of the world’s famous inventors, writers, and entrepreneurs, you will discover the same pattern – most of them are introverts.

Of course the reason behind this is easy to explain. Introverts don’t enjoy much of associations, rather they choose to express themselves creatively through their works. Of course creativity is one of the cardinal skills every successful entrepreneurs must have.

Can you now see the connection? So the more creative one is, the more chances of succeeding as an entrepreneur. Therefore creativity is one of the factors that gives introverts a better chance of been successful entrepreneurs.

2. They are Passionate About Ideas

Another reason why introverts tend to be more successful as entrepreneurs than their extrovert counterparts is their passion for ideas.

It is a known fact that most introverts don’t really like being the center of attention but they like seeing things work. If an introvert is passionate about something they will want to give their all to see that thing work. And this also applies in their chase of any business idea. As entrepreneurs, they focus on the good of the company rather than personal glory.

3. Introverts Have That Staying Power

Grit and tenacity are other important characteristics of great entrepreneurs. Most extroverts are easily excited about new ideas, but that is how the energy also dissipates in a matter of time. On the other hand you don’t see introverts easily getting excited about something. But once they do, they tend to stay till the end.

Even when it doesn’t seem to be working, introverts don’t give up easily – they have that staying power which is a key factor in the success of any business venture.

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4. Introverts are Great Listeners

Another character trait of introverts that makes them to be more successful as entrepreneurs is their great listening ability.

In general, introverts are great listeners. Whether it is for the purpose of showing empathy or taking action introverts listen without interrupting until they get all the details of the conversation.

Now, this trait is especially valuable when dealing with clients and employees when listening and asking the right questions is essential. More so, introverts don’t speak unless they have something worthwhile to say and they remain calm amid chaos.

Introverts are equally great at retrospecting and that helps them to recall every detail of the past event and build on them in designing future solutions.

5. Introverts Think Before They Act

One wrong decision can completely destroy what you are building as an entrepreneur. For this reason it is very important to think through things before one act. And that plays hugely in favour of introverts – they think before they act.

Also while extroverts tend to be surrounded by people, introverts enjoy moments of solitude. And being alone gives them time to calmly process and analyze problems deeply so they can articulate perfectly their next move.

Of course if you are starting up as an entrepreneur you will know what we commonly refer to as ‘solopreneurs’. It is a term that describes entrepreneurs that work alone without having people to share ideas with for a long time. So it is easier for introverts to navigate that stage of entrepreneurship than their extrovert counterparts.

6. Introverts Make Better Bosses

It is a known fact that extroversion is associated with leadership – there is no argument about that. In fact they are almost always interested in leadership and some even contest for it. Same cannot be said about introverts who are often reluctant to go for leadership positions. However, extroverts don’t necessarily make the best bosses especially in business settings. In fact, a research conducted by Wharton professor Adam Grant revealed that introverted leaders delivered better results when handling proactive workers than extroverts.

Looking at the lifestyle of introverts it actually make sense. First, because they are not looking for attention, introverted managers let their proactive employees take the spotlight. While extroverts can get sidetracked seeking validation, introverts do anything possible to support their team and make top performers feel valued.

Secondly, because they are very patient and great listeners they hardly miss any important input from any of their staff or team members. Of course this directly increases the productivity of the team and performance of the organization in general.

Conclusion on Why Introverts Make Successful Entrepreneurs

Make no mistake. Introverts make successful entrepreneurs. The key is to recognize that introversion is an asset, not a liability. Only then will you be able to make it your superpower. So if you are an introvert, don’t feel inferior to your extroverts counterparts, rather simply make the best of your strength. If you are not too convinced still, simply check out world most successful entrepreneurs who are introverts.

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